by E. Flanagan | Oct. 9, 2023 | 5 Min Read

Why your employee training needs customized eLearning content


In the face of a rapidly evolving business landscape, staying competitive often hinges on continuously upskilling and reskilling the workforce. With 77% of U.S. companies adopting eLearning, it's clear that digital training methods are gaining traction.

However, the one-size-fits-all approach of many eLearning programs falls short. This is where custom eLearning content development shines.

Custom eLearning is more than generic online training; it’s about developing content that directly meets an organization's specific needs. Whether for streamlining onboarding, promoting upskilling, or navigating change management, custom training content makes the learning journey feel more relevant to employees.

In this blog, we discuss everything you need to know about customized eLearning and eight reasons why the majority of U.S. companies have adopted this training solution.

What is custom eLearning?

eLearning or “electronic learning” generally refers to any learning experience facilitated online, primarily through the Internet. This gives learners access to educational content outside of a traditional in-person classroom environment. Webinars, virtual instructor-led training, and web-hosted courses are examples of eLearning.

While some eLearning training programs are turn-key, covering broad topics and general concepts, these might not always align with the specific needs or goals of an organization. This is where custom eLearning comes into play. Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all approach, custom eLearning is made-to-order, so the product is tailored to its audience.

Given the diverse nature of corporate functions, industries, and even company cultures, off-the-shelf training materials might fall short of addressing an organization’s nuanced training needs. From sales enablement to employee training on new technology, custom eLearning ensures that the content aligns with the company's objectives, brand, and challenges.

What is an eLearning content developer?

A corporate eLearning content developer specializes in creating digital educational materials, typically for employee training and skill development purposes. These developers leverage multimedia formats, such as videos, animations, and interactive quizzes, to transform monotonous training tasks into engaging learning experiences.

Custom eLearning development companies employ eLearning content developers to produce comprehensive digital training solutions that cater to the evolving needs of the modern corporate landscape. The goal of these companies is to improve performance by unlocking the potential of employees through learning and development initiatives.

Once the custom eLearning content development is complete, these L&D professionals integrate the final product into your existing LMS or a skill-building platform like Spoke®.

8 advantages of adopting custom eLearning solutions

Here are just some benefits you can expect when implementing customized eLearning.

1. Aligns with organizational goals

Custom training content is developed with the organization’s mission, values, and objectives in mind. This alignment ensures the training material goes beyond just instructing and reflects the company’s ethos and brand.

2. Engages learners

Custom eLearning content reflects learners' roles, challenges, and scenarios, promoting higher engagement because the material is directly relevant to their job. When training content is applicable to learners, they’re more likely to retain and apply the knowledge in their daily tasks.

3. Personalizes learning paths

Custom eLearning solutions allow for personalized learning pathways that adjust content based on a learner’s performance. eLearning gives learners ownership of their training and flexibility to learn at their own pace.

4. Gamifies training content

eLearning content may also incorporate gamification, adding an element of fun to employee training, which enhances the learning experience. Custom eLearning games increase engagement, heighten attention, sustain focus, and drive action.

5. Tracks performance

You can track learners’ progress using a skill-building platform to deliver eLearning content. Managers not only gain insights into learner progress and performance but also promote a culture of continuous improvement by coaching them within the platform.

6. Accessible from anywhere

eLearning has no bounds; learners can access training content from anywhere, at any time, on any device, which is ideal for dispersed teams. This ensures employees don't miss out on crucial educational opportunities due to logistical challenges or schedule conflicts.

7. Cost-effective

While there’s an initial upfront investment in custom eLearning services to develop the content for your organization, it can be more cost-effective in the long run. You save on in-person training costs, such as venue rentals, physical materials, travel, accommodation, and onsite facilitator fees.

8. Content variety

eLearning caters to different learning styles by delivering content in various modalities, such as micro-learning videos, interactive simulations, quizzes, discussion forums, and more. By using a mix of content types, complex topics are broken down into digestible pieces, facilitating better understanding and retention.

Transform your employee training with custom eLearning content development

As we continue to experience digital transitions and evolving workforce dynamics, the importance of creating a culture of continuous learning can’t be stressed enough. Custom eLearning ensures that training is relevant to an individual’s role, the company's goals, and the reality of dispersed teams.

Yet, not all eLearning solutions are created equal. Knowing about custom eLearning and its benefits is a great starting point, but choosing the right partner to develop the content can make all the difference.

As one of the best custom eLearning development companies, Unboxed Training & Technology is exceptional at crafting transformative learning experiences. If you're looking to upgrade your corporate training with modern, custom eLearning solutions, we develop content your employees won’t sleep through.

You may be thinking, “How do you develop content for eLearning?” We’re L&D experts, but we’re also human, so we start by having a conversation with you. In this meeting, you’ll see examples of our custom eLearning solutions in action and learn how this type of training content can improve learning outcomes.

If you’re ready to start that conversation, schedule a demo.

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