AI Driven Learning & Skill Building Platform

Coaching that helps your team grow.

Spoke®, our AI Driven Learning & Skill Building Platform, helps businesses keep learners inspired, invested, and engaged. And a lot of that is thanks to Spoke’s cutting-edge coaching capabilities. Coaching through Spoke makes it easier for managers to give feedback, encourage practice, and follow progress—making managers better and driving better coaching experiences.

See It In Action

How coaching with AI changes the game.

Coaching through Spoke allows you to provide AI-driven feedback and practice opportunities to measure progress over time. Here’s what makes coaching with Spoke the right call for your business.

Coaching home screen
  • AI Powered Feedback


    "Write with AI": Empowers managers to efficiently deliver structured feedback in SBI, GROW or Custom formats.

  • AI Feedback Insights


    Enhances managerial feedback proficiency through AI-generated insights on feedback structure, tone, and improvement suggestions.

  • AI Driven Practice Opportunities via Video Role Play


    Utilize AI video analysis and role play feature for engaging assessments and practice simulations. AI driven technology provides feedback on Emotion, Speech, Keywords and Transcripts.

  • It Enables Self-Assessment


    Create effective coaching interactions that set a baseline for employee onboarding, skill development and proficiencies relative to each employee’s role.

coaching reports in spoke
  • It gives managers an action plan


    Coaching through Spoke allows managers and employees to collaborate and create a shared accountability plan based on each employee’s area of opportunity. Plus, with a continuous feedback loop, the manager and the employee are on the same page, working toward skill growth and development.

  • It helps managers make data-driven decisions


    View snapshots of employee profiles, coach-employee interactions, and engagements. Measure trends, insights, and competency progression over time.

Coaching through Spoke has already scored some big wins.

  • Brandon hall award-2020
  • Training Industry sales training and enablement award 2020
  • Training Industry sales training and enablement award 2021
  • Brandon hall award-2019
  • Brandon hall award-2017
  • Brandon hall award-2017
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One of our main requirements, was that it was user-friendly and engaging, and Spoke really has hit those requirements for us. The engagement with employees has increased exponentially and we see employees engaging with Spoke on a daily or weekly basis as opposed to once or twice a year.

Director of Training

Spoke has led to increased performance for every team member.