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Employee onboarding training

Employee onboarding training that’s fun and effective.

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Onboard new employees quickly.

Our custom onboarding training programs increase efficiency, reinforce your culture, and provide the confidence new hires need to operate effectively in your organization.

How does it work?

Here’s how our employee onboarding training enables your team to reach their A-game faster than ever. 

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  • The right blend

    We design training programs with the right mix of eLearning, interactive workbooks, classroom training, and reinforcement to make your employee onboarding wildly effective.

  • Higher engagement

    Conversational, interactive, and infused with smart humor, our training hooks learners and keeps them coming back for more.

  • Better retention

    Context matters. Our custom training content mirrors your culture and real-life scenarios. Learners retain information better and apply their training to their day-to-day more easily and consistently.

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  • Easier access

    Empower your learners to learn where and when they need to. We work mobile first, crafting content that’s available on-demand from any device.

  • More motivation

    When compelling content meets an engaging learning management system, employee performance improves. Our LMS Spoke uses real-world gamification to reward performance and motivate people to do more.

  • You own it

    Unlike off-the-shelf training providers, your onboarding program is yours to keep. Forever. There are no recurring licensing fees. How’s that for ROI?

Onboarding training topics

We develop custom onboarding training on a range of topics, including:

  • Organization history, mission, and goals
  • Working with teams and company culture
  • Role clarity and performance expectations
  • Policies and procedures, systems training
  • Human resources and compliance
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