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Spoke®: The World's Best Skill-Building Platform

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Spoke makes learning human.

Imagine an LMS that makes relevant, bite-sized training easy to access. A platform that integrates both your existing training and our custom content. A platform that makes continuous practice and adding new skills easy.

That’s our Spoke AI Driven Learning & Skill-Building Platform.

Spoke takes the concept of Skill Agility and makes it a reality. It drives learners from one skill to the next through intelligent, action-oriented recommendations, while giving them the autonomy they want by providing the information and expertise they’re interested in. Spoke makes gaining new skills collaborative, interesting, and fun. 

Learning that’s earning recognition.

  • Craig Weiss Top 20 Award-2019
  • Craig Weiss Top 20 Award-2020
  • Craig Weiss Top 20 Award-2019
  • Gold Excellence In Learning 2019
  • Training Industry Watchlist-2021
  • Training Industry Watchlist-2020
  • Training Industry Watchlist-2019
  • Training Industry Watchlist-2018
  • Gold Excellence In Learning 2017

The most groundbreaking part of our tech is its humanity.

Self-directed personalized learning and practice

Spoke connects your employees with accessible, relevant learning experiences while allowing you to organize your eLearning, classroom training, and skill building opportunities in one place. Spoke supports multiple languages: Chinese (Simplified), Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish.

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Continuous employee coaching

With Spoke, your learners can rely on a continuous loop of feedback to drive their skill building. And with data and measurements at your fingertips, you can keep your team focused, motivated, and moving forward.

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Social and collaborative learning

Spoke Community and News allows learners to share their experiences and highlight upcoming events. And if a learner has a question, they can easily search to find other employees who have already completed the course and ask for help.

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Customizable Learner Journeys

Create personalized learning paths that combine proven micro-learning methods with an engaging milestone map to track progress.

Intuitive configuration and customization

Our ultra-simple admin portal makes it easy to configure, launch, and track all your learning content - in virtually any format - all in one place. And our intuitive data reporting makes it easy for admins to easily track course progress and completion.

Unboxed Spoke admin portal

Multi Tenant Functionality

Flexible Configuration Options to Support Internal & External Companies, Admins & Learners

  • Customizable at all levels: Branding, Content, Users & Reporting
  • Tenant Configurations: Internal, External and/or Multi Tenant(s)
  • Sub Tenants: Additional Business Units and/or Clients
Unboxed Spoke admin portal

Security and scalability

With enterprise level security, daily database backups, 24-hour monitoring and the power of the Microsoft and Amazon clouds, we have your security locked down.

Unboxed Spoke learning platform with security shield

Simplicity means speed

We can get Spoke up and running for your organization in weeks, not months. And because Spoke integrates well with other learning and HR platforms, it’s easy to add to your organization’s technology ecosystem.

Unboxed Spoke easy admin configuration

Insights that inspire learning.

We make it easier for learners to learn, grow, coach, and measure their skills using data-driven insights.

  • Measurement that matters

    Make sure your learners are on track and compliant in the areas that move the needle for your business.

  • Data-driven coaching

    Empower coaches with insights to help foster Skill Agility through high-impact engagements and feedback loops.

  • Progress over perfection

    Drive personal and team growth over time by identifying trends, areas of opportunity, and skill gaps.

Read what Spoke® has sparked.

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Spoke has led to increased performance for every team member. They connect with each other in the Community and tell me they can’t wait for more training to earn more coins!

Comcast, Senior Vice President
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My Spoke Account Manager was amazing! I never felt like they were telling me ‘Here’s the template, give us what we need.’ Their customer service was extraordinary.

Ultraceuticals Consumer Goods
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Modern, easy-to-use right ‘out of the box’, unparalleled customer service.

Willamette Dental Group, eLearning Design Coordinator & Spoke Admin

I have to tell you how grateful I am for Spoke’s user-friendliness. It makes my job a lot easier! Thanks for all of your hard work on making this a positive experience!

Lee Enterprises - Berkshire Hathaway Media
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They have been amazing partners and they have a product that fits the needs of small to mid-size businesses. Their UI is also designed for the modern workforce and works to create a very smooth and intuitive learning experience.

Galileo, Director of Technology
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