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Corporate eLearning courses and training

Finally, eLearning your employees won’t sleep through.

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Self-paced learning systems that employees actually want to use.

With modern design, gamification, and compelling content, our self-paced, interactive learning guides keep learners engaged and make it easy for them to retain new information.

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  • Promote consistency

    Not all training experiences are created equal. Give employees a consistent learning journey, set expectations, and develop a culture of learning.

  • Measure & evaluate progress

    Unlike paper workbooks, our interactive learning guides are SCORM-compliant so you can track progress and completion in an LMS, like Spoke®

  • Do more than onboard.

    Our clients have successfully used our interactive learning guides for onboarding, product training, leadership training, sales training, and more.

Ditch your paper-based workbooks.

Say goodbye to those dusty training binders. Replace them with videos, interactive activities, and quizzes that keep learners engaged and boost retention - finally, a truly blended, energizing learning experience.

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Go at your own pace.

Empower your employees. Our interactive learning guides give learners ownership of their training and flexibility to learn at their own pace.

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Transfer knowledge, don’t data dump.

Workbooks shouldn’t look like novels.

With an immersive approach that embraces multimedia content and hands-on learning, learners do more than memorize policies and procedures. They get to test their knowledge with interactive, contextual activities.

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Unboxed produced content that was fun, engaging, and entertaining. Our pre- and post-test assessment scores show that the courses were effective in transferring knowledge. Way to go, Unboxed!

HD Supply

This project was a nice change of pace for us. Really enjoyed the collaboration and partnership.

LogMeIn, Senior Director, Sales Training

I’ve had such a good experience with Unboxed and everyone is a pleasure to work with. Smart, well organized, thoughtful, and just overall awesome people who have been the best champions for this program. We are very happy and this is going better than we could have imagined!

Coastal Ridge, Sales Training Leader
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It’s not a chore to watch the training they developed. It’s engaging and drives to the core concepts we are teaching to.

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Before partnering with Unboxed, our training wasn’t very modern or relevant for today’s learners. Unboxed has been very accessible, they listened to us, and have just been really great partners along the way.

Hilton, Training Leader

Our experience with the Unboxed team has been exceptional.

LL Flooring, Learning and Development Leader

Working with Unboxed has been a sheer delight. They have been fun, creative, and so responsive working with us on a transformational project for our business.