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What is the world’s best skill-building platform?


It's more important than ever for employers to invest in professional workforce reskilling and upskilling. If you want a future-ready workforce, invest in the world’s best skill-building platform that prepares your employees for tomorrow.

In this blog, we cover all things related to skill-building:

  • What are hard skills vs. soft skills?
  • What is a skill-building platform?
  • What is the best skill-learning platform?

Let’s start by reviewing the two types of skills – hard and soft – then jump into talking about how you can develop these skills in your employees using a skill-learning platform.

What are hard skills vs. soft skills?

In business, there’s a saying: “Hard skills will get you the interview. Soft skills will get you the job.” But what’s the difference between them?

  • Hard skills are typically acquired through formal education or training. They are specific, measurable abilities or technical expertise required to perform a particular job or task, such as proficiency in programming, data analysis, or accounting.
  • Soft skills are personal traits, competencies, or behaviors that inform how individuals interact with others, manage themselves, and approach their work. These skills are generally obtained through experience and practice, and are often difficult to quantify or measure objectively.

Both hard and soft skills are important in the workplace, and successful professionals possess a combination of both. However, we put more emphasis on soft skills, also known as power skills, and we’re not alone in that stance.

In LinkedIn’s 2019 Global Talent Trends report, 92% of talent professionals and hiring managers said that soft skills are just as important – or more important – than hard skills. Additionally, a survey by Harris Poll found that 73% of companies value soft skills more than ever before.

The problem with hard skills is that they change, while soft skills are always relevant. For example, coding knowledge today may be outdated tomorrow, but effective communication will never go out of style.

Okay, now that you know the difference between hard skills and soft skills, how can someone gain these essential skills? By using a soft skills learning platform.

What is a skill-building platform?

75% of millennial and Gen Z workers said they were ready to jump ship due to a lack of skill-building support from their bosses—don’t be that boss. It’s time to leverage technology to develop the skills your employees need (and want).

A skill-building platform is an online tool that provides learners access to various courses and resources to develop and enhance their skills. These training and development platforms deliver content in a variety of formats (e.g., videos, quizzes, games) to engage learners and help them apply their new knowledge in practical contexts. They’re designed to facilitate continuous learning and growth in the workplace.

Benefits of skill-sharing platforms

  1. Increases Productivity: The best skill-learning platforms offer diverse learning resources, helping employees develop competencies that enable them to work more efficiently.
  2. Improves Retention: A skill-learning platform demonstrates an organization's commitment to supporting the professional growth of its employees, which decreases turnover.
  3. Reduces Training Costs: Corporate skill-building platforms offer a cost-effective alternative to in-person training, eliminating the need for travel, accommodation, and instructor fees.
  4. Fosters Greater Adaptability: When companies invest in the best employee training tools, they develop versatile employees that can readily adapt to changing business needs.
  5. Saves Time: Online skills learning platforms allow employees to access training materials anytime, anywhere, fitting their learning into their schedules and at their own pace.
  6. Boosts Bottom Line: When employees have the skills they need to perform at their highest level, they can contribute more to your company.

If you’re looking for a skill-building training platform for employees to reap these benefits and more, we have a solution for you.

Meet Spoke®: The world’s best skill-building platform

The professional development landscape is rapidly evolving, with technology playing an integral role in how we learn and grow. By choosing the best skill-learning platform, your employees can develop both hard and soft skills that prepare them for the future of work.

Unboxed Training & Technology’s Spoke® Learning Platform, named a TICE 2022 Advanced Learning Platform award winner, is a game-changer in the world of L&D. Offering a wide range of features designed to help learners and organizations reach their full potential, Spoke® takes the concept of Skill Agility® – the ability to rapidly identify and acquire new skills in response to changing business needs – and makes it a reality.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect from the world’s best skill-building platform:

  • Customizable: One of the standout features of Spoke® is its customizability, allowing organizations to tailor the online skills-learning platform to meet their needs and goals.
  • Personalized: Spoke® creates personalized learning paths that provide employees with relevant content based on their roles and interests.
  • Intuitive: The user-friendly interface of Spoke® makes it easy to navigate, allowing learners to focus on what matters most: building their skills.
  • Collaborative: Spoke® encourages social and collaborative learning by enabling learners to share knowledge, ask questions, and support one another.
  • Supportive: With Spoke®’s coaching capabilities, your learners can rely on a continuous loop of feedback to drive their skill-building.
  • Secure: Powered by the Microsoft and Amazon clouds, Spoke® is equipped with enterprise-level security features that keep your data on lockdown.
  • Scalable: Spoke® is designed to be a long-term solution that can accommodate the ever-changing requirements of businesses.
  • Measurable: Easily configure, launch, and track learner progress and course completion with Spoke®’s intuitive reporting and analytics features.

At Unboxed, we’re committed to helping enterprise-level companies reskill and upskill their workforce with industry-leading employee training solutions. Partner with us to quickly and effectively train employees on the skills they need to help your company succeed.

Request a demo of the best platform to learn new skills today.

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