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The best way to champion diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace


Sourcing and deploying high-quality, effective eLearning content for your team can be tough. Finding Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) training on a stellar online learning platform is even harder—but not impossible.

Are you looking for a way to spearhead diversity and inclusion in the workplace?

Do you want to provide your teams with powerful and effective diversity and inclusion training?

Enter the new partnership between The Nova Collective and Unboxed Training & Technology.

These two powerhouses have joined forces to each do what they do best. The goal of this partnership is to help spark transformation in your organization’s culture, especially when it comes to diversity and inclusion training in the workplace.

The common thread in this partnership is each group’s focus on their clients’ unique identities. Both solutions are learner-centric: they provide thoughtful, structured content on a reliable and personalized eLearning platform.

But why is there a need for diversity and inclusion training courses?

Why a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace?

In the past 12 months, there’s been a nationwide call for sustained social justice initiatives and equitable corporate cultures, and DEI efforts have become organizational currency. Many leaders are looking to jumpstart their commitment to rectifying institutional discrimination by launching company-wide diversity and inclusion training initiatives as a baseline for broader organizational change.

According to data from the 2020 U.S. Census, women and minorities are notably underrepresented in leadership positions, with 85% of executives being white males.

The Nova Collective was founded in representation, and they staff their teams with at least 50% women and 50% people of color on all projects and programs. “It’s time for leadership to look like us,” states their website. “We believe who’s in the room matters, and that our approach to DEI work delivers on a business imperative.”

Additionally, the question echoing through modern industries has morphed from, “What’s your stance on the issue” to “Can you demonstrate what you’re doing to reckon with your internal injustices?” Compliance that just checks a box isn’t going to suffice anymore, because the societal pressure is coupled with overwhelming data that states that now is the time for a change.

Unboxed Training and Technology and The Nova Collective answer this call with their collaboration, which aims to help organizations transform their culture and achieve meaningful change through powerful eLearning solutions.

Introducing a modern approach to DEI eLearning solutions

The Nova Collective has dedicated themselves to:

  1. Crafting quality diversity and inclusion training content
  2. Helping companies implement this content into their workplaces

The quality of Nova’s DEI content caught the eye of Unboxed, as the content is designed to:

  • Create meaningful connections
  • Foster real behavior change
  • Demonstrate an honesty that refuses to just pay lip service to diversity goals

The Nova Collective’s structure of education, engagement, and connection pairs beautifully with Unboxed’s goals for their Spoke® Learning Technology Platform. Spoke software endeavors to make gaining new skills:

  • Collaborative
  • Engaging
  • Impactful

“The most groundbreaking part of our tech is its humanity,” states Unboxed. And there’s nothing more centric to humanity than engaging well with others.

However, the partnership between Nova and Unboxed is more than simply housing DEI training content. It’s also about scalability and reaching a wider audience more effectively in a shorter amount of time.

Nova’s courses needed a reliable home and could find that in Unboxed’s Spoke® Learning Technology Platform.

A powerful partnership for powerful change

Nova’s D&I Compass eLearning solutions service any organization that’s looking to scale their DEI training and make a meaningful impact through awareness and behavior change on an ongoing basis. It’s built to help teams metabolize new behaviors, not just memorize new definitions.

Partnering with Unboxed gives Nova’s clients the best opportunity to:

  • Make diversity, equity, and inclusion in the workplace a priority
  • Engage employees in learning about DEI and its effects in the workplace
  • Provide a space to become comfortable feeling the discomfort that occurs during moments of personal growth

Unboxed’s Spoke® Learning Platform is a modern, cloud-based platform where employees can:

  • Learn
  • Grow
  • Coach
  • Measure their skills

When great turn-key content is paired with a great online learning platform, it allows organizations to scale learning initiatives across a broad audience quickly. And when scaling and moving faster, you need learning to be as effective as possible. That's where the Spoke eLearning Platform takes it to the next level.

The strength of Spoke software is that it goes beyond just housing content, it allows organizations to integrate learning with practice and collaborative learning, scaling content and context for training that makes a difference.

At Unboxed, we believe good learning experiences start with establishing the desired outcomes. In particular, noting:

  • The behaviors you want to change
  • Problems to solve
  • New possibilities to create

This applies to DEI training, where outcomes are represented by more than just information consumption. They’re seen in the form of real behavior change throughout the organization that enables it to leverage different talent and perspectives. Through this growth, the organization becomes more competitive and has increased business success.

When Nova’s Compass eLearning content is accessed using the Spoke learning experience platform, learners pair foundational D&I knowledge acquisition with practice scenarios. This allows learners to:

  • Develop consistent behaviors over time
  • Build confidence in their understanding of DEI
  • Look deeper into DEI in the workplace on a continuing basis

Spoke intuitively drives learners from one bite-sized Compass module to the next through intelligent, action-oriented recommendations, while tracking progress and measuring learning along the way. Spoke’s powerful reporting and data visualization serve to identify learner strengths and opportunities for growth so organizations can track their DEI training progress.

Give your employees the best diversity and inclusion training today

Organizations have made it clear that they think positive growth in the DEI space is important. A recent study by Mercer found that:

  • 81% of organizations say improving D&I is high on their agenda
  • 42% of those report having a documented strategy for these improvements
  • 50% globally set quantitative goals for their D&I outcomes

In addition, McKinsey & Company discovered that the more equitable the gender and racial representation on a leadership team, the higher the likelihood of a company outperforming their industry standard.

The above numbers and research highlight the need for high-quality, accessible, informed diversity, equity, and inclusion training in the workplace.

Here at Unboxed Training & Technology, spearheading DEI training and offering those resources to our partner organizations is one of our main priorities. Together with The Nova Collective, we’re making powerful and effective DEI training a reality.

An overarching goal of our partnership with Nova is to demonstrate that we are powerful alone, but remarkable together. Unboxed and The Nova Collective are living this concept as they strive to interrupt the status quo by providing learners with:

  • Elegant eLearning technology solutions
  • Character-driven content
  • Two teams with a shared belief that the power of learning can evolve a workplace

The Nova Collective’s Compass eLearning content compliments Unboxed’s current ReadySet TrainingTM turn-key portfolio. With this new DEI training opportunity, your employees can get a deeper dive into the important details of D&I.

Reach out to us today to get your hands on a diversity and inclusion training program that will transform your workforce.

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