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Customized Corporate Training: What It Is & Why You Need It

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Customized corporate training is essential to any company that wants its employees to stand out from the competition. However, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, organizations with fewer than 100 employees provide only 12 minutes (yes, 12 minutes) of managerial/corporate training every six months.

Even if you provide employees with more than 12 minutes of corporate training, you likely could still be doing more. A customized corporate training program can help employees better retain knowledge, improve productivity, and boost your bottom line. 

Read on to learn more about customized corporate training solutions and the advantages of choosing one for your employees. You'll also learn what makes Unboxed Training & Technology's customizable training materials a great fit for your organization.

What Is Customized Training?

Unfortunately, many companies don't invest much time or energy into their corporate training strategies (if they even have one). But what is customized training?

In short, custom corporate training is a series of personalized learning activities, generally housed in an LMS, designed to holistically educate employees on the company and job specific subject matter. 

Custom training program examples include:

Custom training programs give employees the information they need to improve their professional skills and scale the corporate ladder.

Do you want to level up your training from generic content that falls flat to customized training that engages employees? If so, choose a customized corporate training solution. 

Why Invest in Customized Corporate Training?

There is a time and place for off-the-shelf training, but custom sales training solutions will give your reps the upper hand for longer-term results. Yes, custom training may take longer to build than an off-the-shelf training program. However, custom training software has a much longer shelf life, becoming an invaluable investment—not just a quick fix.

Customized corporate training programs keep your organization's goals in mind. The training content is tailored to your employees' needs and aligns with your greater vision for the company. 

Now, you probably want to know the advantages of customized corporate training. After all, everyone's looking for an ROI. The following list of advantages just scratches the surface of the potential custom training has to transform your company, but it’s a start.

Increase Engagement

Innovative training content starts with customization. Custom training keeps employees engaged by using interactive eLearning through a variety of modalities. The training content is highly effective when it includes games, which further improves engagement and increases participants' motivation.

Assess and Identify Knowledge Gaps

Every employee has specific weaknesses and knowledge gaps. With the help of AI, Unboxed Training & Technology provides a unique learning experience for individual employees. With the Spoke LMS Assessment Builder, coaches and managers can quickly run reports to see team-level data and determine what topics require more training for which employees. 

Better Retention

By implementing eLearning alone, employee retention rates can increase by up to 60%. But there are two kinds of retention in the corporate world: knowledge retention and employee retention. Everyone knows that losing an employee and onboarding a new hire in their place is an expensive endeavor. 

Thankfully, custom corporate training can help you retain employees and help employees retain the information they learn. Custom training development provides additional value by supporting employees’ personal and professional success.

Increased Productivity

Engaged and motivated employees are far more productive than those who are bored and checked out. Increased productivity, in turn, allows for increased profitability. If you want your team to get more done and produce better results, make sure you're setting them up for success with relevant training materials. Learn more about how coaching positively impacts employee performance. 

Why Unboxed Training & Technology?

Remember, not all programs are created equal. If you're interested in custom training software to support your employees, let's partner up! Unboxed Training & Technology's custom corporate training and custom sales training programs provide you with all of the resources you need to help your team succeed.

Here are a handful of benefits Unboxed Training & Technology brings to the table:

Custom-built Training

One-size-fits-all doesn't work for training programs. We take a custom approach to training the modern learner (and our clients’ results prove it)—no more filler content. We believe in custom-built training that gets results you can report on.

Contextualized Resources

The great thing about custom programs is they are contextualized. All of the information we train on is relevant to your team members' daily duties. The custom training content mirrors your company culture and uses real-world scenarios that make sense to your employees. 

Compelling Content

Let's be honest, some training resources out there are just plain boring. But that's not the case with Unboxed Training & Technology's custom training content. Our team works with your team to create a training program that is interesting, fun, and engaging.

Mobile Accessible Training

The future is mobile-friendly, and so is our training. Team members can access the information they need wherever they are. We understand that delivery matters. We break down training into bite-sized chunks for better knowledge retention and on-the-go learning.

Training for Everyone

We provide training for each team in your organization, from customer service reps to onboarding the new guy. No matter where you feel your training is lacking, we've got a solution for you. Plus, our customizable programs align training content with your company's mission and goals, keeping everything on brand.

Trusted by Major Players

Finally, Unboxed Training & Technology is trusted by some of the world's largest companies: Comcast, Capital One, and Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield. Are you ready to join the best by investing in customized training for your employees?

Invest in Custom Training Content Today

It’s time to invest and implement custom training software for long-term success.

Of all the innovative training solutions out there, Unboxed Training & Technology stands out from the crowd. Give your team access to all the tools they need to learn the basics and beyond.

Contact our team today by calling (888) 723-9770 or emailing to learn more about our customized sales training and other customized training services. 

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