by N. Purcell | Aug. 9, 2023 | 3 Min Read

Global L&D Leaders Forecast: 2023 Survey Results

Global L&D Leaders Forecast Report Showcase v2

The Survey:

Learning and development has evolved significantly over the past ten years. Many of the advancements have been tied to new technologies, borrowing from other industries and disciplines like marketing and design thinking, and have brought about important shifts in the way people work and learn.

According to Deloitte: “Rapid and ongoing changes in the nature of work itself are changing the relationship between learning and work, making them more integrated and connected than ever before. This creates a challenge and an opportunity to build robust work-centered learning programs, helping people consume information and upgrade their skills in the natural course of their day-to-day jobs.”

As experts in corporate learning and development, Unboxed Training & Technology knows firsthand the importance of staying ahead of the curve and equipping employees with the skills they need to be successful. To gain insight into the most significant skill gaps that Learning and Development (L&D) professionals are currently facing, we conducted a survey that reached professionals from various industries and roles.

The Data:

The results confirmed our own observations: there is a pressing demand for more effective and transformative programs. Download the whitepaper today to view the full results & learn more about how your organization can create Skill Agility® , the ability to develop skills at the pace of change.

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