by N. Purcell | Feb. 20, 2023 | 5 Min Read

10 things to consider when choosing between leadership training providers


In a world where markets are constantly changing and competition is ever-increasing, organizations must stay ahead of the curve. Companies that provide leadership training are best positioned to do so, as they help leaders develop in-demand skills and remain agile and adaptable.

Technological advances have caused companies to change how they communicate internally with their employees and externally with their customers. Increasingly, companies are turning to leadership development programs to ensure their leaders and managers are prepared for the future of work. Not only can this training boost team member engagement and morale, but it can help cultivate strong leaders within the organization.

But what should you look for in corporate leadership training, and what are the best leadership training companies offering? When you collaborate with top companies that provide leadership training, you’ll be better prepared to maximize your training programs and achieve your desired outcomes.

In this article, we’ll look at the element you should prioritize when determining which leadership training providers to invest in. Plus, we'll offer tips on identifying the right leadership development program for your organization.

Pitfalls of not having a corporate leadership development program

Without deploying the best corporate leadership training that will develop effective leaders and managers, companies suffer severe consequences.

  1. High turnover rates. CareerAddict found that 79% of employees consider bad leadership as a factor in deciding to quit. If you don’t train and develop your leaders – most importantly in soft skills – they’ll fail to encourage, motivate, and, ultimately, retain your top talent.
  2. More expenses. When a company experiences high turnover rates, they have to spend resources recruiting and onboarding new hires, which is more expensive than retaining existing employees.
  3. Low engagement. Managers and supervisors significantly impact engagement levels. Poor management leads to employees feeling less engaged in their work, which lowers productivity (and the bottom line).
  4. Lack of motivation. Employees aren’t motivated to do their best work if management fails to acknowledge their efforts or, worse, takes credit for their accomplishments, so goals will stop being met.
  5. Poor culture. Building a healthy company culture starts at the top. If your leaders don’t behave in a way that positively shapes company culture and inspires others, then it will change for the worse.

Top corporate leadership development programs should focus on helping leaders understand how their decisions impact the bottom line and equip them with the necessary skills to be both innovative and empathetic.

In the grand scheme, your company can't afford not to work with companies that provide leadership training.

What to consider when evaluating top leadership training companies

Many leadership development companies offer comprehensive solutions, such as a learning management system that can deliver relevant, personalized training to leaders. Specialized training topics may include building soft skills, supporting employee wellness, and diversity and inclusion people management.

But what should you really look for when evaluating different companies that provide leadership training? Here are some of the top considerations.

1. Customization

The best leadership development companies have the capability to provide customized training solutions that align with your organization's unique needs, culture, and goals. Ask about the company's approach to customization and how they work with clients to develop training solutions that are tailored to their specific needs.

2. Scalability

Another critical aspect of management training companies is a scalable offer. The training should be accessible, yet flexible enough to grow and change with your organization. Your provider should be able to adjust the training to meet the goals and objectives of your organization, no matter how they evolve.

3. Results-oriented

Your outcomes are only as effective as your ability to measure them. Corporate leadership development companies should be able to provide performance metrics and feedback loops that allow you to measure the success of your team’s training. With robust tracking and analytics, L&D leaders can objectively know the impact of new training efforts.

4. Modern

Look for leadership and management training companies that are up to date with current training methods and trends. Modern training techniques will ensure your employees are learning relevant material that prepares them for the future.

5. Expertise

Top leadership training companies should have a deep understanding of leadership development. Look for partners that have subject matter experts on staff, a proven track record of delivering results, and a clear understanding of the competencies needed to be an effective leader.

6. Trainers and/or Subject Matter Experts

The quality of the trainers and training materials is a key factor when evaluating a company's competencies as a corporate training company. Look for companies that have highly qualified trainers with a track record of delivering successful training programs, and that use high-quality training materials and tools.

7. Training Methodology

A company's training methodology and delivery approach should be evaluated to ensure that it aligns with your organization's learning and development objectives. Look for companies that offer a mix of classroom-style training, experiential learning, and the use of technology in their training solutions.

8. Technology

The company should be able to provide adequate support and resources to ensure that your team can apply the training to their work effectively. This could include learning management systems and coaching tools for mentoring, access to training resources and tools, and post-training support.

9. Industry Recognition

The company's industry recognition and awards can provide insight into their competencies as a leadership training company. Look for companies that have won awards and are recognized as leaders in the industry.

10. Client Testimonials

Gather feedback and testimonials from past clients to evaluate the company's competencies as a leadership training company. Ask for references and case studies that demonstrate the company's success in delivering effective leadership training solutions.

No matter the leadership training provider you choose, their solution should be tailored to your organization, so you can reach business goals.

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