Instructor-Led Employee Training

A better class of classroom training.

Cutting Edge Training Content

Facilitator-friendly and full of energetic exercises, our custom-built instructor-led training courses address specific scenarios employees face. This is classroom training that gets learners invested and makes it easy for them to take action and perform better.

What Makes Our Instructor-led Training Different?

Our ILT courses go beyond PowerPoint and use elegant design, collaborative exercises, and helpful facilitator notes to create a better face-to-face training experience for learners and facilitators.

interactive content

Videos make training concepts concrete, and activities give learners real practice.

visually appealing

We keep text and graphics simple and include lots of white space to minimize distractions.


Content and exercises mirror real-world situations employees encounter, making it easier for learners to apply their training to their day-to-day jobs.

collaborative learning

No talking heads here. We incorporate time for self-reflection, activities, and group discussion so both participants and facilitators contribute to the conversation and share best practices.


Content is presented in a conversational tone and weaves in stories and light-hearted humor to hook learners and keep them engaged throughout the session.

easy to facilitate

Facilitators have a lot on their plates. We keep ILT simple for them, too. We provide comprehensive notes on what to ask, say, and do to engage learners so content is easy to pick up and run with.

Your ILT Toolkit

We have two options for producing instructor-led training content. We’ll flex to best meet your needs and deliver the best experience for your team.

Presentation Deck & Learning Journal

A design-forward PowerPoint presentation with prompts to help the facilitator prepare what to say, ask, and do, as well as answers to look for. Individual learning journals give participants a place to take notes, complete activities, and create action plans during class.

Facilitated Learning Guide

A single guide that both facilitators and participants use to guide the session. The best part is these guides are easy to convert to a self-paced interactive learning guide.

“This was one of the most comprehensive classes I have had in any industry. More relevant to our daily jobs than any other training session.”

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