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How to assess training platforms for employees


As market conditions and industry trends continue to flux, one thing is certain: you’ll always need high-performing employees who are up for the challenge. A surefire way to set your company up for success is to have the best employee training software that helps them meet whatever demands may come their way. Having employee training tools ensures your team continually learns and adapts their skills.

Studies show just how important training is and the risks that come with not embedding the best employee training software in your organization. Consider the following statistics:

  • Companies that invest in training see 24% higher profit margins
  • 40% of employees with poor training are likely to quit within a year of being hired
  • $500 billion is lost each year due to employee disengagement

Better employee training solutions will help you retain top talent and will be a draw for prospective candidates looking for a great opportunity. We know employees arelooking for development opportunities, and we know that having training platforms for employees is highly beneficial.

So, what should you look for in employee development software, and why is it important to find the right one? That’s exactly what we’ll be covering today.

What to look for in employee development software

Implementing an online employee training system is the best way to reach all of your employees in the quickest and most efficient way. But how do you sift through all the options to find the best employee training software?

Here’s what to look for in an online employee training platform:


The best employee training software is responsive to your team members’ needs. Customizable corporate training tools allow you to create content based on the needs of a given department or job function and even personalize learning paths for individual employees. Start by identifying your company's various needs so that you can build out content tailored to specific roles, teams, and goals within your staff training software.


Gamification is more than just making learning fun. Hands-on and interactive learning not only keeps employees engaged but also increases learning retention. In fact, gamification can lead to a64% improvement in knowledge. Making sure learning is engaging and delivered in bite-sized segments through micro-learning helps learners get the most out of their training without becoming overwhelmed. An online employee training platform provides the ideal ecosystem to do this.


Training should be versatile, accessible, and adaptable. Online training software allows modules and learning paths to be updated in real-time. Furthermore, online corporate training tools are accessible anytime, anywhere, on any device. With employees logging in from different geographic locations, your company must be ready to provide tools for them to succeed no matter how far they work from your HQ.Skill Agility and upskilling are ongoing processes, so as employees level up their skills, your training should be able to level up too.


Incorporating social and collaborative learning opportunities can make your employee learning experience even more impactful. This is especially important if you have remote or hybrid teams. Collaboration through online employee training helps team members feel more connected to their work and each other, forging strong bonds that will enhance performance in projects and daily tasks.


Any good learning experience is backed by data. Managers and leaders must be able to track learning through employee development software to uncover knowledge gaps. Online employee training tools like Spoke LMS enable coaching and feedback, ultimately helping employees progress faster. When you get your insights in real-time, you can coach employees to make changes immediately, at the exact moment they need it, better preparing them for on-the-job and in-market challenges.

Benefits of an online employee training system

Providing robust online training tools for your company will lead to many organization-wide benefits. Here are just a few that will have a significant impact on your company.

With an online company training software:

  1. Employees will feel capable and empowered to make the best decisions within their roles. Managers can’t be everywhere at once, so there will be times when employees will need to make judgment calls. Training with the best employee training software will help them build the skills they need to think critically, communicate with confidence, and make decisions aligned with your company's values.
  2. Employee retention rates will increase. 49% of employees want to develop their skills but don't know where to begin. Those who get professional development opportunities are 15% more engaged and have 34% higher retention than those who don’t. Offering a training platform for employees gives employees access to what they want and communicates that your company is invested in their professional growth.
  3. Employee performance will consistently improve. Keeping pace with constant changes in the industry can be exhausting. Get ahead of those changes with online training software that proactively develops your team with more robust skill sets. The only constant is change; but with online employee training systems, employees will always be ready to pivot.

From the transformations within individual employees to the culture shifts across your company, there are many ways a training platform for employees can benefit your organization.

Are you ready to learn how you can get started with your own company training software?

Meet Spoke®: The best employee training software

With a broad range of customization options and cutting-edge learning strategies, Unboxed Training & Technology offers the best employee training software: Spoke LMS. It’s a learning platform that integrates your existing training with our custom content for a holistic learning experience.

Spoke has all the essentials you’d expect to see from a top training platform for employees, plus additional features and training tools that will take your training to the next level. In addition, we will tailor our employee training and development software to meet your employees’ unique learning needs.

If you want to help your employees perform at their best, offering continuous training using an LMS is a great start. Request a demo of Spoke to learn more about how an online employee training system can benefit your business.

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