by D. Romero | June 29, 2016 | 7 Min Read

Spoke® Updates: Reporting API and More Simplicity


You asked. We delivered. The latest Spoke® release includes 6 new enhancements that all align with the core principles of the platform – simple, social, and engaging. Here is the list of enhancements, and below you’ll find an overview of each one:

Reporting APIs

Many organizations use a mix of tools, either installed or SaaS, to run their business and manage their people. Knowing this, we wanted to make it easy to get training-related data out of Spoke and into other systems. The latest additions to our growing list of APIs allow you to get reports on Training Status by User and Course Status. Here’s an explanation and example for each.

Training Status by User – Get a report showing how each user is progressing on assigned training. For example, see how your newest sales rep is progressing through his onboarding training.

Course Status – Get a report showing learner completion by course. For example, measure how many of your sales reps have completed Overcoming Objections 101.

With these two new APIs, you now have the ability to use Spoke’s built-in, interactive report or pull the data into another system for analysis.

Link Resources to Courses

Training courses often cross-reference supporting materials such as operations manuals and company handbooks. To make it easier for users to find this additional content, you now have the option to link Resources to Courses.

When users launch a course from the Spoke Training page, they’ll see the course details, related community discussions, and a list of additional Resources to explore. These Resources can include things like PDFs, Microsoft Office files (Word, Excel, PPT), audio and video files, external links, etc. This enhancement makes it easy for users to find everything related to a course in one place. #keepitsimple

Resources Search

We organize Resources in Spoke by category. And even though users only see Resource categories that are relevant to them, we heard that users wanted the ability to quickly search and find the content they needed. So, meet the new Resources search bar.

Now, if you know what Resource you’re looking for, you can get it in seconds. Well, that was easy.

Following Tab

The Spoke Community exists to allow users to connect with, learn from, and share best practices with one another. It’s technology-enabled social learning at its finest. A few releases ago, we made it possible for users to follow one another. In this release, users can now see the list of people they’re following, as well as the people who are following them.

user experience enhancements

It’s always been important to us that the Spoke user experience be ridiculously pain-free for both users and admins. If your teams access their training from a mobile device on the go, you’re not alone. To keep Spoke simple from any device, we’ve enhanced the mobile experience when launching a training course. We’ve also polished our step-by-step admin wizard to make it even easier to manage your Spoke environment. If you'd like to see these, or any of the enhancements from this release, give us a shout to schedule a demo.

Be Heard

By now you should be sensing the theme that we prioritize enhancements based on user feedback. Do you have something you’d love to see in Spoke? Speak up! If you’re not currently using Spoke and want to take a closer look, give us a shout.

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