by D. Romero | May 10, 2016 | 7 Min Read

Spoke® Updates: User API and Okta Integration


In today’s world of technology, integration can be a beautiful thing. And with the latest Spoke release, we’ve delivered just that – more integration options. With an enhanced user API and Okta integration, it’s now easier than ever to manage your learners in Spoke and save them from having to remember yet another username and password.

User API

Spoke now provides a REST—yep, that stands for Representative State Transfer—API for registered applications to create, read, update and delete users in Spoke. The REST API is super-helpful for organizations that already manage their personnel in a separate system other than Spoke, like an HRIS. Instead of managing users in two different systems (a recipe for redundancy and errors!) admins can now manage Spoke users from just one system. Of course, admins still have the option to add, update, and delete users either one at a time, or via the bulk uploader.

API Documentation

In addition to our user API functionality, we’ve outlined all the documentation details here. That includes a fully-featured API explorer your IT department can experiment with before integrating.

Okta Integration

If your company uses Okta to manage different software apps, you can now use Okta as your Single-Sign-on provider. Once configured, users will see a Spoke icon on their Okta dashboard, which they can click to access Spoke. Or if they go to Spoke directly, they will see an Okta sign-in screen instead of the Spoke login screen. This can all be set up in just a few steps that don’t require an engineer. Spoke is also listed in the “OAN" — Okta Application Network. This is a list of ready-to-go apps that can be used in Okta. Admins simply go their Application section, find Spoke in the list, and say they want to use it.

Speak Up

We love getting user feedback and want to hear from you. If you’re a current Spoke user, drop us a line or leave a comment below. If you’re not using Spoke yet and want to see it in action, contact our Spokespeople to set up a demo.

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