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Influencing Stakeholders While Adapting to Virtual Learning

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The second in the Think Outside™ The Box: Expert Webinar Series, join us along with industry expert, Loren Sanders, Senior Manager in Enterprise Learning and Development at CVS Health, as she shares how to meet the needs of tomorrow’s virtual workforce while remaining focused on what’s important to the business.

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Stretching your L&D Budget During COVID

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The first in the Think Outside™ The Box: Expert Webinar Series, join us along with industry expert, Erika Moree, VP Learning Solutions at Synchrony, as she shares how to maximize your training dollars while continuing to create value during as we all adjust to this “new normal.” Now is the time to get creative and rethink how you train your team.

Increase Training Completion Rates by 5x With Spoke LMS

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In an ideal world, employees would complete training with gusto, but in reality, they need a little nudge. That’s why we built our LMS Spoke®.

Learn why companies like Hilton, PNC Bank, Anthem, Tupperware, and Comcast partner with Unboxed.

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Motivating Your Team During An Economic Hardship – Q & A with a Fortune 500 L&D Expert

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The current economic shift presents an opportunity to learn what it truly means to create highly engaged and productive teams through compelling training.

Learn best practices for team building and prioritizing training while providing inspiration in times of uncertainty.

Virtual Training Lessons – Q&A with a Fortune 500 L&D Executive

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Creating and conducting successful virtual training can come with a set of challenges— not to mention obtaining satisfactory attendance, engagement, and completion results.

In this webinar, you’ll learn best practices and how to avoid potential pitfalls when transitioning to virtual training from a Fortune 500 Executive.

5 Rapid and Cost-Effective Ways to Transition to virtual training

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As of today, the coronavirus (COVID-19) has caused many employees to work remotely and has significantly limited travel. As a result, L&D has needed to make rapid changes to their training delivery methods.

In this webinar, you’ll learn effective tips on how to efficiently transition your training.

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6 Steps to Tidying up & Transforming your Onboarding Program – Marie Kondo Style

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Does your Onboarding training spark joy in your learners? It’s time to rework your training for 2020.

Organizations with a great onboarding program experience 62% greater new hire productivity, along with 82% greater new hire retention.

5 Steps to Make Your sales training more effective in 2020

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Did you know that 47% of sales reps lack fundamental selling skills? Even more alarming, 71% of sales reps take almost 6 months to ramp up before they are ready to sell.

Tune in to hear from Learning experts Knowbly and The Game Agency to prep your reps for 2020.

Closing the emotional intelligence gap: how to set your modern learners up for success

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Today, 57% of Senior Leaders believe soft skills are more important than hard skills, according to LinkedIn Learning. Modern learners at all levels deserve a modern approach.

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