Who is the Deskless Worker?

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Explore our webinar, "Who is the Deskless Worker?" presented by our very own Erick Randolph, as we discuss the evolving role of the deskless workforce in today's business world.

This workforce includes professionals from retail, hospitality, healthcare, construction, and manufacturing, who don't rely on a traditional office setting. They play a crucial role yet face unique challenges in upskilling and training due to their diverse roles and work environments.

Key Points We'll Cover:

  • Understanding the Deskless Workforce: From frontline employees to field workers, learn about their crucial role and the common challenges they face, including the need for accessible and relevant training.
  • Upskilling Needs: Discover strategies for providing deskless workers with digital learning platforms that offer flexible, role-relevant training and development in soft skills.
  • Challenges: Tackle issues such as limited connectivity, time constraints, and varied language and literacy levels among the workforce.
  • Solutions for Continuous Learning: We'll discuss innovative approaches like mobile learning, microlearning modules, gamification, and peer learning networks to support their continuous education.

Don't miss this insightful session on addressing the unique needs and leveraging the full potential of the deskless workforce to foster a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

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