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The top 6 reasons for coaching in the workplace

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Your employees can become unproductive, disengaged, and cost your business money without effective coaching.

Do you have a good coaching culture in your organization? Have you been wondering about the importance of coaching at the workplace

The reality is that coaching employees effectively turns into higher productivity levels and better performance at work. Coaching employees improve their skills, competencies, and engagement. 

Do you want your employees to reap the benefits of being coached? 

Are you ready to dive into why coaching employees is so important? 

Let’s look at six of the top benefits of coaching employees at the workplace!

1. Improves employee performance

Why coach employees? Because the impact of coaching on employee performance is enormous.

Coaching employees to improve performance enhances individual skills and helps them better understand their role in the organization. When employees know what to do and why they’re doing it, they’ll perform better and at a higher level.

Sometimes we hire employees that look good on paper and even impress us in the interview. But once they get to the office, they aren't performing how we expected—coaching and training can help new employees succeed. 

Coaching will help you train your employee to start thinking (and working) with company goals in mind.

Seasoned employees can reap the benefits of coaching and mentoring in the workplace, as well. It’s never too late to take a refresher course or learn a new skill.

2. Helps achieve more goals

Achieving goals is another one of the top reasons for coaching in the workplace. Creating a strong coaching culture helps drive lasting change by setting achievable personal and business-specific goals.

Personal goals will center around the employee’s contextual employee training and ongoing career development. Observe and talk with employees to see what skills they need or are looking to grow in. You can invest in an LMS to deliver company-focused training content, track learner progress, goals, and performance.

Company goals focus on moving the organization forward. Achieving company goals goes hand-in-hand with improving employee performance and training them in the right skills. Once your employees understand where they need to go and how to get there, you can meet goals more quickly.

By investing in your employees through coaching, you can help close the skill gaps to reach company goals faster.

3. Creates stronger team bonds

Coaching in the workplace can help create stronger bonds within your team. As team members become more comfortable with leaders, they’ll be more willing to seek help when problems arise.

Building more intentional relationships with employees through coaching makes them feel included. A study at Stanford University found that working with others increased employee motivation.

Bonding with team members can also be a catalyst to create more opportunities for positive communication and feedback. If you’re a manager wondering how to be a better coach in the business realm, consider a leadership training program.

Leadership has a major impact on employee engagement and overall experience in the workplace.

4. Establishes open communication and honest feedback

Open, honest communication is a primary benefit of coaching employees.

Communication is crucial in the workplace. 86% of employees and executives said communication issues were a top reason for workplace failure.

When leaders and managers take the time to sit down with employees and talk openly with them, it builds trust. Building trust with employees makes them feel more comfortable to share their honest thoughts or opinions. 

By regularly asking employees questions, you can gain feedback to make necessary pivots or changes and foster a healthier company culture. Regular feedback allows you to make changes as soon as something comes up, instead of waiting for it to become a larger issue.

5. Develops problem-solving skills

Coaching employees effectively means helping them develop problem-solving skills. Problem-solving skills benefit both coaches and employees by instilling confidence and boosting productivity. 

Learning how to problem-solve helps employees become more confident in making decisions and moving forward when faced with a challenge. Instead of stopping their workflow when an issue arises, employees can find a solution themselves.

Coaches benefit from problem-solving training because it helps employees become more confident and less reliant. As an employee shows a greater ability to problem-solve, a coach micromanages less—freeing the coach to focus on other tasks.

When you teach employees how to solve problems themselves, you're setting yourself and your employees up for greater productivity.

6. Increases employee engagement

Coaching and employee engagement go together like peanut butter and jelly (or whatever your favorite combination is). Regular, on-going coaching is one of the best ways to engage your employees.

Highly engaged employees benefit your company in a few key ways:

  1. Employee retention: Did you know that highly engaged employees are 75% less likely to leave? Coach your employees to keep them engaged and at the company longer.
  2. Increased productivity: Do you want to increase your employees’ productivity? Businesses with engaged employees experienced 17% better productivity.
  3. Lower financial loss: Did you know that unengaged employees cost your business money? One study found that disengaged employees cost U.S. companies $550 billion each year.

The bottom line: coached employees are engaged employees, and engaged employees are assets to your organization.

How to Be a Better Coach in Business

Are your employees unengaged and decreasing in productivity?

Coaching your employees effectively will increase their productivity and your business' overall success (it’s a win-win situation). We can’t emphasize the importance of coaching at the workplace enough. 

When you coach your employees, you can expect that they'll:

  • Have increased performance and productivity
  • Achieve more goals
  • Create stronger bonds with other employees
  • Be more open and honest with their communication
  • Develop problem-solving skills
  • Experience increased engagement

If you’re excited about the prospect of coaching your employees but don’t know where to start, we’re here to help.

At Unboxed Training & Technology, we happen to know a thing or two about corporate coaching and employee engagement. We have a tried and true approach to employee coaching that better prepares managers to coach like the pros.

We also have a powerful coaching tool that provides everything you need to coach your employees and keep them on track. Request a demo to see how our coaching software can breathe a new sense of motivation into your business and employees!

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