Coach: employee coaching software

Improve team performance through measurable development feedback with coaching software.


Our employee coaching software highlights key development opportunities for your sales team. Hub360 Coach provides coaching guidelines as a way to address skills and behaviors that affect your bottom line. Better coaching means better results.



Provide real-time employee feedback face-to-face or from wherever you areView and manage all coach-employee relationships with interaction notes and flags for follow-up.
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Align coaching guidelines and practices with your company’s competency models. Engage in two-way dialogue for collaborative feedback and goal setting.

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training & action plans

Collaborate between coach and employee to develop goals based on each learner’s unique areas of opportunity. Receive AI-powered training recommendations based on individual action plans.
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measurement & progress tracking

View snapshots of employee profiles, coach-employee interactions, and engagements. Measure trends, insights, and competency progression over time.

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Better coaching. better results.

Modernize your employee coaching software with Hub360 and improve the results of your lowest-performing employees.

Real Time

Provide feedback in real time for immediate next steps


Collaborative Feedback

Engage in two-way dialogue for action plans and goal setting

AI Powered

Receive AI-powered recommendations based on individual development opportunities

Powerful Reports

Measure trends, insights, and competency progression over time

on-demand webinar

5 Steps to Make Your Sales Training More Effective in 2020

55% of your sales reps still lack fundamental selling skills.
What are you going to do about it?

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