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Increase Growth and Employee Retention Through Custom Management and Leadership Training Solutions

Ongoing professional development is vital to employee engagement and retention—not to mention customer happiness and business growth. To win, invest in custom leadership training programs that inspires genuine excitement and commitment among managers and leaders at all levels. Companies that partner with us for their management and leadership training programs achieve results like:

96% confidence among leadership that training enabled them to achieve expected results

Reduced employee turnover

Double-digit YOY revenue growth

Record high increase in training satisfaction rates among managers

“If you want something fresh, something different and engaging, then work with Unboxed. They’re really going to take the time to listen to what you’re looking for, understand who you are, and create really strong solutions that are gonna knock your socks off.”

Head of Global Learning and Development

What Makes Our Manager and Leadership Training Different?


relevant to business goals

Training doesn’t work if it doesn’t connect to a specific need.

Our custom manager and leadership training programs begin with a thorough discovery phase to understand your specific team and business goals. We’ll then recommend the best solution to connect the two and achieve your desired outcomes.


consistent expectations

Success is impossible without a shared understanding of expectations.

Equip managers, leaders, and employees with a clear bar to measure performance against. We describe “what great looks like” in the context of your business and document critical skills and behaviors in concrete terms.


compelling content

Drive better engagement and retention with contextual, story-driven content.

We tell a story and anchor it with specific, real-world scenarios drawn from your experiences. This hooks people emotionally. Emotionally invested learners pay closer attention, remember more, and ultimately perform better. 


work with your leaders' workflow

Managers and leaders have hectic schedules. If training is disruptive, it won’t get done.

We work mobile-first. Training is accessible on-demand from anywhere. Plus, content is presented in short chunks so leaders can easily complete training wherever, whenever.

Topics & Modalities

Our management and leadership training programs address topics like:


Onboarding New Hires


Performance Management


Effective Feedback


Change Management


Communication and Interpersonal Skills


Understanding Drivers and Drainers


Problem Analysis and Decision Making

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