by R. McGhee | Dec. 12, 2022 | 5 Min Read

How proper sales training software can set your company up for success


With 1 in 8 jobs in the US being sales or sales-related, having the right sales onboarding software is critical for the success of any business. Sales readiness software can help employees learn about their company’s products and services, make sure they understand sales processes, and keep them up to date on necessary skills for successful selling. Best of all, sales training platforms have become easier and more accessible.

A company can have a great product or service that meets the needs of its target audience and still struggle to get customers to make purchases. Many businesses rely on salespeople to introduce the company’s offering, adequately explain its features, and incentivize individuals to buy.

If employees can’t successfully carry out these tasks, then the company will likely face an arduous uphill battle. As the old saying goes, a company is only as good as the people it keeps. That's why companies must provide their employees with the proper resources to succeed in their roles.

So, what should you look for when it comes to finding the right sales training LMS?

Critical elements of a quality sales onboarding program

Employees need to be equipped with useful sales training tools from the very beginning. Your sales onboarding software must be comprehensive, covering a variety of topics using different modalities. Gamified training content, learning assessments, and personalized learning paths can make all the difference.

To make sure your team members are properly trained, look for these crucial elements in sales onboarding software.

Detailed information about the product/service being sold

First, your sales training software should provide detailed information about the product or service being sold. This includes everything from pricing structures to customer support policies. If your team can’t answer basic questions about the product or service, they won’t be able to sell it effectively.

Insight into the target audience

When it comes to sales onboarding, it’s necessary that new employees understand the company’s target audience. This includes identifying who the buyers are, what they’re looking for, and what objections they may have. By providing employees with in-depth knowledge of the company’s target market, they’ll be better prepared to make the right sales pitch.

CRM training

Does your sales enablement onboarding program clearly explain how to use your company’s customer relationship management (CRM) system? A CRM keeps track of valuable customer information that influences future touchpoints. For instance, a CRM will tell you whether a lead opened your email. A lead’s interaction with a cold email outreach will determine how the salesperson engages with them next.

Training modules or tutorials

Whether you’re onboarding new hires or upskilling existing employees, you need a sales training LMS to provide individualized training. Statistics show that employees who undergo self-paced training retain more information than those taught in a traditional training room—often learning 60% faster than in-person training.

Best practices and real-world examples

Nothing teaches better than experience. The best sales training onboarding solution should provide real-world examples of successful sales strategies and best practices. This allows new hires to see what works in the field—and what doesn’t—so they can be sure their efforts will be effective.

The advantages of a customizable sales training LMS

Sales training software should automate content to help employees increase productivity, minimize skill gaps, and offer continuous learning opportunities. A customizable LMS is not only beneficial for new hires—powerful sales training platforms can bring value to the company in a variety of ways.

Reduce employee turnover

Employee training helps your workforce feel prepared and proficient at their jobs. When your employees have the tools and knowledge they need to succeed, it can reduce employee turnover.

Attract new talent

Having an effective training system in place also makes it easier to attract and retain talented employees. When people see that your organization is committed to providing quality training, they’re more likely to apply for positions and stay with the company once hired.

Increase employee productivity

With the right sales training platform, employees can quickly learn the skills they need to excel at their jobs, reducing the time it takes for them to be productive.

Enhance company compliance

Compliance is essential in any industry, and a sales training platform can help keep your employees up to date on the latest regulations. This is especially important if your organization operates across multiple countries or jurisdictions.

Speed up employee training

Finally, investing in sales training software can also reduce the time it takes to train new staff. This can save money and resources, ensuring your training is not only effective and meaningful, but efficient.

Enhance your employees’ sales readiness with a sales training platform

Salespeople are some of the most critical players in any business. They’re responsible for converting new business and generating revenue—often without face-to-face interactions. Utilizing a sales training LMS that’s accessible from anywhere at any time provides individuals with the flexibility they need to learn on the go.

At Unboxed Training & Technology, we offer sales readiness software that can enhance your team's performance. Our Spoke® LMS is a customizable sales training platform that provides a personalized learning experience for each user. Plus, with the ability to improve your team's Skill Agility®, you can trust that every team member will be prepared for the future.

Request a demo of Spoke® to learn how you can deliver custom sales training that will help your salespeople reach their full potential.

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