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Top benefits of sales training for Technology & SaaS Companies


Technology is a rapidly growing field. In fact, the tech industry is growing at twice the rate of overall employment in the U.S., and the number of technology companies has been increasing year over year for the past few years.

While training for sales teams of all industries is important, sales training for technology companies is especially critical. With all of the industry’s growth, competition abounds, both for individual salespeople and organizations overall.

In the technology space, products and services are constantly evolving, as are consumer demands. You need to ensure your team is ready to adapt to those changes quickly. To make sure they’re up for the challenge, you’ll need to implement continuous technology sales training for your employees.

Read on to learn more about what to include in your technology and software sales training programs and the benefits you’ll see as a result!

Key components of sales training for technology companies

While human capital is one of the most important resources of your organization, training and development programs are at the core of their success.

According to a study by IBM, almost 85% of the best-performing organizations' employees feel they’re receiving the training they need, while only 16% of employees in the worst-performing categories say their training is adequate.

Of course, you’ll want to ensure that your technology sales training is designed to fill in any knowledge gaps and take your teams’ skills to the next level.

To help get you started, here are some key components of effective sales training for technology companies:

  • Foundational company training: Perfect for new hires in the onboarding process, foundational training can educate your new sales team members on your company’s mission, vision, history, and culture.
  • Product knowledge and demos: Consider including this type of content when rolling out a new product offering, training new hires on how to pitch your products, or cross-training employees in other functional areas.
  • Skills-based training: Your employees should never stop learning, as the number of skills you can teach them is nearly infinite. Consider including modules to enhance a variety of technical skills and power skills that will help your team build well-rounded competency and skill agility.
  • Scenario-based simulations: Help your sales team practice “real-world” techniques for specific customer challenges in advance. Simulations help prepare them to be in the field and give you the chance to coach them with in-the-moment feedback before they interact with real clients.

With technology continually evolving, having a sales team that’s able to not only respond to changes but stay ahead of the curve at all times is essential. Build training into your best practices to ensure your sales team is always ready to pitch the newest product, anticipate customer objections, leverage new trends, and add value to your company overall.

Benefits of sales training for technology companies

Whether you’re running an entire organization or just the sales department, it’s no secret that you face many competing priorities and demands on a daily basis. But don’t let training and coaching fall to the bottom of your list.

Here are some of the top benefits of prioritizing technology sales training in your organization:

  • Stronger employee engagement and loyalty: Upskilling your teams build employee engagement and loyalty, as employees will feel prepared and confident knowing you care about their development.
  • Enhanced competitive advantage: Staying current on the most recent trends and innovations keeps your team ahead of the competition.
  • Deeper client trust: Better preparing your sales team to overcome objections will help you win over prospective clients who might be on the fence.
  • More flexibility: Employees with shorter learning curves and more skill agility will help you go to market more quickly with new innovations or updates.
  • Reduced turnover: More effective onboarding for new salespeople builds confidence and decreases employee turnover.
  • Greater reach and growth: When you use an LMS to house your sales training for technology companies, you’ll experience infinite scalability. A modern LMS ensures you can continue to add salespeople to your team without worrying about not having the training resources ready to support them.

Have you moved “Implement new technology” or “Software sales training programs” higher up on your to-do list yet?

Your employees are your greatest asset, and investing in them with the best technology, sales training, and development strategies will help you see these benefits in action. The tech field is indeed highly competitive. But if your team can stay sharp and up to date on the latest industry trends, your clients, your culture, and your company will benefit.

The best sales training for technology companies starts with Unboxed Training & Technology

Technology is complicated, but your technology sales training doesn’t have to be. When you partner with experts who’ve mastered the art of curating, rolling out, and housing online training, your organization will benefit from increased:

  • Speed to market
  • Competitive advantages
  • Loyalty and engagement
  • Customer and employee satisfaction
  • Scalability and flexibility

At Unboxed, our learning platform, Spoke, is ideal for sales training for technology companies. Spoke offers leadership teams custom-made options or pre-designed programs for immediate implementation. And with unmatched expertise, Unboxed will help your company implement the right solution to upskill your teams in no time.

If you’re ready to launch effective software sales training programs at your organization, it’s time to implement an LMS tool that can support the unlimited growth potential and benefits technology has to offer.

Request a demo today to see how Unboxed can help your company keep up with industry changes, up-level your teams, and achieve success.

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