Resources for Virtual Training

Keep your remote teams engaged and empowered with these employee training and sales enablement resources.

PLanning for virtual training doesn’t have to be hard

At Unboxed, we’re all about keeping it simple. We know the needs of your workforce are evolving, and we want to help. Our resources give you the tools to prepare your remote teams with the knowledge and skills to keep growing during these uncertain times.

virtual training Podcast

Join Brian Leach, CEO and Co-Founder of Unboxed, and David Williamson, Director of Content Strategy, as they discuss how you can use technology to create meaningful learning experiences for your teams. Learn how to avoid distractions during training and how to address learner needs using technology as the basis for your training.

we know it’s a lot to think about!

Your virtual training plans have accelerated and your teams have gone remote.
Don’t fret, we’ve got your back.

Transform the way you train, sell, and coach

Our action-oriented training and technology drive measurable results and improve performance, especially in remote work environments. From sales enablement tools to fully virtual employee training programs, our solutions are powerful enough to stand alone – and when they’re combined, you’ll see an end-to-end solution that pushes your team members to new heights.

Custom Training

Maximize learning and retention with our blended programs that are relevant to your company.

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From frontline workers to leadership teams, ReadySet Training helps learners develop and master foundational skills and behaviors.

See ReadySet Training 

Social LMS

Built for simplicity and engagement, Spoke® LMS makes it easy to train, engage, and reward your remote workforce.

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Sales Enablement

One powerful platform to train your sales team, deliver and manage materials, and coach your team to success.

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Coaching Tool

Improve team performance through measurable development feedback with coaching software.

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Virtual Training Content & Programs


systems training

Spend less time training your remote workers on how to use your systems and tools and more time using them.

Unboxed Systems Training →


micro-learning videos

Our custom employee training videos use a mix of live-action, animation, and screencast tutorials to command attention and make change happen.

Unboxed Micro-Learning Videos →



Designed to teach knowledge, skills, and behaviors, eLearning grabs your learner’s attention, compels them to listen, and helps them apply what they learn.

Unboxed eLearning →


Virtual Instructor-Led Training

Training that’s just as engaging, interactive, and effective as in-person training—without the cost.

Unboxed Virtual Instructor-Led Training →


custom eLearning games

Games engage people with social and competitive elements that heighten attention, sustain focus, and drive action.

Unboxed eLearning Games →


Interactive Learning Guides

With modern design, gamification, and compelling content, our self-paced, interactive learning guides keep learners engaged and make it easy for them to retain new information.

Unboxed Interactive Learning Guides →

How Can Unboxed Help?

We know it’s a lot to think about. Let us help!

Whether you need a hand putting together your overall virtual training strategy, need someone to help create or facilitate virtual sessions or reimagine existing deliverables, or are looking for a learning platform with social capabilities, we have your back.