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Fast Deploy, Semi-Custom
Employee Training Solutions

ReadySet Training™ is a high-quality, turn-key training solution that equips learners with action-oriented content. Based on 10 years of Fortune 500 training and development, the courses are based on proven best practices from various industries.

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From front line worker to leadership teams, ReadySet Training helps new and seasoned learners alike develop and master foundational skills and behaviors.

8 micro-learning courses including:

• Prospecting That Works
• Positioning Against a Competitor
• Effective Proposals

10 micro-learning courses including:

• Motivating Your Team
• Conflict Resolution
• Effective 1:1s

7 micro-learning courses including:

• Workplace Violence
• Scam Awareness
• Data Protection

5 micro-learning courses including:

• Identifying Bias
• Building a Respectful Workplace
• Preventing & Resolving Concerns


Our off-the-shelf content takes a radically different approach. Most affordable turn-key solutions for basic training lack in quality, sustainment, and are outdated. ReadySet is high-quality, action-oriented, semi-customizable training based on our proven methodology.


high quality

Curated, high-quality, proven training content based on 10 years of experience building custom training programs for Fortune 500 organizations.



Interactive micro-learning modules are delivered via a modern, web-like experience and focus on one key skill each to drive engagement and increase retention.



Includes follow-up activity workbook, recommended manager check-ins, pre- and post-assessments, and calls to action to practice new skills throughout.



Learners take a baseline quiz to assess their skill level coming into the program and a final assessment to see how they’ve improved along the way.

ready, set, go!

easy to implement

Getting started with ReadySet Training is easy.


Review the manager toolkit to learn about the program and how to support your team members.


Deploy ReadySet Training as just-in-time training or layer it into onboarding to decrease ramp time – it’s up to you!


You’ll check in with team members at strategic checkpoints to assess their progress and offer timely support.

readyset Training programs include:

• Weeks of micro-learning modules
• Manager toolkit
• Participant workbook
• Baseline and final assessments

meet the experts behind readyset training

chief learning officer

Lacy Thompson is the Chief Learning Officer at Unboxed Technology. Lacy leads innovation efforts on our existing products and works to bring new training products to market. With a Masters in Creative Writing and background as a teacher, Lacy has a wide range of experience leading the development of training programs for Fortune 500 companies, many with a focus on sales. She’s excited to bring Unboxed’s proven sales training expertise and fun, creative approach to ReadySet Training.

e-learning developer

Shelly Ueberroth designs modern, interactive training programs as an eLearning Developer for Unboxed Technology. With a degree in Training & Development and a background in design, she creates content and interactions that are exciting and effective. Shelly is a master at finding creative ways to engage learners and she’s done just that with ReadySet Training.

Content Strategy manager

Nikki Arpino brings her background and experience in Secondary Education and Writing, Rhetoric, and Technical Communication to Unboxed Training and Technology. Nikki loves the challenge of researching and writing for various audiences and coupling that with her experience creating effective and engaging curriculums centered around adult learning best practices.

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