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What is VILT?

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As technology continues to integrate with business operations, companies are finding new ways to deliver quality training through a variety of modalities. They’re starting to explore questions like, “What is virtual instructor-led training (VILT)?” and how it can help them reach their goals.

Let's take a closer look at VILT software and answer the question, "What is virtual instructor-led training?" We’ll also discuss how VILT can benefit your company and share some virtual instructor-led training tips.

What is virtual instructor-led training?

So, what is VILT? In essence, VILT is a type of online learning that uses digital technologies to facilitate live instructor-led training remotely.

VILT training combines traditional teaching and meeting methods with the tools and capabilities of online delivery platforms such as webinars, videoconferencing, and interactive whiteboards. Given the rise of remote work and global teams, virtual instructor-led training activities help connect geographically dispersed employees, foster collaboration, and keep learning engaging.

Examples of VILT training

Virtual instructor-led training activities can take many forms, depending on the needs of your organization.

  • Online lectures presented by an instructor via video conference
  • Interactive Q&A sessions with an online moderator
  • Role-play scenarios and group activities
  • Digital lessons learners can complete on their own
  • Assessments and surveys to track learner progress
  • Breakout sessions for small group collaboration
  • Live demos or tutorials hosted by a remote instructor

There are a variety of VILT training platforms on the market today, including Skype, Microsoft Teams, Zoom, GoTo Meeting, and Webex. There is also robust VILT software that goes beyond video conferences to include interactive lessons, digital whiteboards, virtual breakout rooms, and more.

When to use virtual instructor-led training

Instructor-led training, in-person and virtual, gives learners a chance to put knowledge and skills into practice through classroom activities. Here are several scenarios when you should consider using virtual instructor-led training instead of – or in addition to – other training methods.

  1. Employees are geographically dispersed. These days, it’s common for teams to be fully remote or at least have some remote team members. VILT software enables teams to train together from anywhere.
  2. Training requires real-time interaction. It’s difficult to train leaders on soft skills or salespeople on how to respond to objections without personal interaction. Virtual instructors help facilitate real-time group activities, discussions, and questions.
  3. Cost is a concern. Virtual instructor-led training eliminates in-person training-related expenses, such as classroom rentals, transportation, meals, and accommodations.
  4. Cater to different learning styles. VILT training can be integrated with other eLearning modules, providing a blended approach that engages all the ways in which people learn.

Next, we take a look at the benefits of virtual training.

What are the benefits of virtual training?

VILT training platforms offer a range of advantages for both companies and employees who aren’t able to partake in traditional in-person training. Here are a few ways your organization can benefit from VILT.

Reduced travel, venue, and instructor costs

When training sessions are held in person, companies must factor in the costs of booking a venue, travel for instructors and trainees, and time away from work for those attending. With VILT training platforms, these costs can be dramatically reduced or even eliminated altogether.

Easier access to training materials and resources

With VILT software, training sessions can be recorded and stored online in a centralized knowledge base, making them accessible to employees anytime, anywhere.

Improved collaboration and engagement

One of the top benefits of virtual training is that it encourages collaboration and engagement between employees. Through interactive lessons and virtual instructor-led training activities, participants can work with each other in real-time, regardless of location.

Increased efficiency in the training process

Virtual instructor-led training can help organizations to improve the efficiency of their training processes. Managers can use VILT training to quickly develop and deploy learning content, monitor progress, and assess learner performance using automated evaluations. This offers managers valuable insight into VILT's success and helps them make data-driven adjustments as needed.

Organize, host, and track your VILTs with Spoke®

A dynamic learning management system (LMS) like Spoke® is essential for delivering successful virtual training. Companies should look for feature-rich LMS solutions that offer the functionality they need while remaining simple to use.

An LMS that houses your virtual training content should offer companies customizable features, such as:

  • Self-directed, personalized learning: Facilitate independent learning with self-paced training content and personalized learning paths.
  • Branding options: Add your company’s brand colors, logos, and other elements to create a seamless experience.
  • Notifications & reminders: Automatically send notifications before, during, or after training sessions.
  • Advanced reporting capabilities: Generate detailed performance reports to measure success.
  • Gamification elements: Incorporate game-like elements such as leaderboards and achievements to motivate learners.

When companies can fully customize the features and functionalities of a VILT training platform, they can maximize the potential of virtual instructor-led training.

Bring VILT software to your company with Unboxed Training & Technology

By leveraging virtual instructor-led training, companies can transform their corporate learning environment, making it accessible to employees everywhere. With the right tools and resources, organizations can create an effective virtual training program that drives results and helps employees reach their learning goals.

At Unboxed Training & Technology (Unboxed), we’ve developed virtual instructor-led training that’s just as engaging, interactive, and effective as in-person training—without the cost. Give your remote employees the benefit of being in person using a VILT training platform that captures their attention.

Schedule a demo today to learn more about how Unboxed can help you unlock the full potential of virtual instructor-led training.

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