by D. Romero | April 14, 2016 | 7 Min Read

Spoke Updates: Prerequisites & A Redesigned Training Page


If you’re feeling like this is déjà vu, it’s not. The Spoke team is on a roll. We just added more social learning features to Spoke less than a month ago, and here’s another great set of enhancements to the world’s simplest social LMS. We have to thank our users for their thoughtful and continuous feedback. The latest release is, once again, a result of their input.

Organizing Training Content

The latest release helps admins better organize training content, and learners find it and complete it. So, before we jump into the new features, here’s a quick overview of how Spoke organizes training content. And now, onto the new features.

  • Courses – individual eLearning or instructor-led courses. For example, upload an eLearning course that explains the features and benefits of a specific product.
  • Course Packs – groups of related courses. For example, group all of your product training courses into a Course Pack called Product Training.
  • Curriculums – groups of related course packs. For example, group your Onboarding, Product Training, and Sales Behaviors Course Packs together into the New Hire Sales Rep curriculum that you assign to all of your new reps.


We get it. Sometimes it’s OK to complete training in any order. In other cases, you want to make sure your learners progress through their learning journey in a specific order. Spoke now gives admins the option to set prerequisites at the Curriculum and Course Pack level, which ensures learners complete their training in a prescribed sequence. Just check the box and drag the Courses or Course Packs to reorder them how you want your learners to complete them.

The experience is just as simple for your learners. When they view their Training page, courses with unsatisfied prerequisites will be marked as locked. In the example below, learners must complete the Mood Beats: Product Features and Benefits course before the two Sales Strategies courses.

Training Page Redesign

This update also includes a completely redesigned (and renamed) Courses page. Now called the Training page, it’s easier than ever for learners to search, filter, and focus on their remaining coursework. The Training page now displays all of a learner’s assigned Curriculums with their included Course Packs and the number of Courses in each Course Pack. To reduce the noise, it’s pre-filtered to In Progress, so learners will only see their remaining training.

Learners can dive into Course Packs to see individual Courses, or use the new search bar to find exactly what they’re looking for.

Even the Course details window has been redesigned to provide a better experience.

Speak Up

We love getting user feedback and want to hear from you. If you’re a current Spoke user, drop us a line or leave a comment below. If you’re not using Spoke yet and want to see it in action, contact our Spokes-people to set up a demo.

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