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4 things to look for in the best LMS for corporate training


The best corporate training companies need effective tools to ensure their clients' employees receive the best possible education. That's where a sound learning management system, or LMS for corporate training, comes in.

What makes up the best corporate training platforms and how can you ensure you’re investing in the best training software on the market?

In this article, we explain what corporate learning tools are and help you identify the top three things to look for in LMS software for training providers.

What are corporate learning tools?

Corporate learning tools are various software solutions designed to improve employee training and education. These can include anything from online learning platforms and mobile apps to eLearning content creation tools and virtual reality simulations.

Ongoing employee training and development is critical for a company's long-term success. Corporate learning tools help companies deliver quality training and development that improves employee productivity, job satisfaction, and retention rates while reducing training costs. This is especially important in today's climate of economic uncertainty.

One of the most powerful tools in corporate software training is an LMS for businesses. An LMS is a corporate learning tool that helps companies easily manage and deliver employee training. It can be used to create, track, and administer all aspects of employee learning, from initial onboarding training to ongoing professional development.

Corporate training platforms can help your organization…

A “standard” LMS may not adequately meet the needs of every business. Corporate training providers that tailor training to the unique needs of their partner organizations will deliver the best results. Modern training companies work with businesses that need to:

Achieving these goals and more requires an LMS that’s comprehensive, yet flexible enough to meet the specific needs of each organization. The best learning management systems for businesses will have features that make it easy to administer and monitor employees’ training progress.

Key features of the best learning management system for businesses

The best LMS for businesses focus on flexibility, customizability, and simplicity. Ensuring that all employees, no matter the industry or their role, can learn at their own pace in an engaging and effective manner should be the primary goal of any LMS.

1. Customization

The best corporate training companies will prioritize customization. Every business has a unique way of doing things, so training content must reflect those nuances to effectively train employees. The best LMS will offer a variety of customization options from bolting on to current software or integrating with existing training content.

One notable feature found in Spoke® is customizable learner journeys. L&D leaders can create personalized learning paths for employees that combine proven micro-learning methods with an engaging milestone map to track progress. Additionally, Spoke®’s admin portal makes it easy to configure all learning content in virtually any format, all in one place.

2. Simplicity

In addition to offering extensive customization options, the best learning management system for businesses are user-friendly. Simplicity ensures that employees actually use the system and don't get frustrated with its complexity.

If an LMS is too complicated, it will be difficult for administrators to manage and employees will be less willing to adopt it. The best corporate training system will be simple, yet powerful enough to handle enterprise-level training needs without being bloated with unnecessary features and functionalities as it evolves.

3. Tracking capabilities

Metrics play a major role in employee training. The best LMS for training providers offer intuitive data reporting, making it easy for admins to track course progress and completion. These can include assessments, quizzes, tests, and surveys that gauge employees’ understanding and knowledge retention.

High-quality corporate training platforms not only track metrics but help managers actively identify areas for improvement and enable them to coach employees in real-time. With Spoke®’s coaching capabilities, managers can give feedback, encourage practice, and follow progress.

4. Collaboration and engagement features

The best corporate training companies offer features in their LMS for businesses that encourage employees to work together and learn from each other. Some of the best collaboration features include social learning, forums, discussion boards, chat rooms, and more. These features give employees a space to ask questions, share ideas, and get feedback from their peers.

In addition to collaboration features, an LMS for corporate training should offer engagement features. Some of the best engagement features include gamification, badges, leaderboards, and rewards. Gamification makes learning fun and can even be more effective for employees. Never underestimate the power of a little friendly competition!

What’s the best LMS for training? Companies like yours use Spoke®

Looking for the best LMS for training? Companies that want to train employees effectively use Spoke®.

At Unboxed Training & Technology, we’re committed to helping enterprise-level companies upskill their workforce with industry-leading corporate training tools. Our LMS for businesses, Spoke®, is highly customizable while remaining easy to use. It’s a corporate training system that integrates both your existing training and our custom content for a comprehensive employee learning experience.

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