by D. Romero | May 24, 2016 | 7 Min Read

Spoke Updates: Course Deadlines & Compliance Testing


Getting people up to speed quickly is always one of the goals of a good training program. If you’ve ever managed a team, you’re probably thinking, #truth! The Spoke team wants to make it as easy as possible to manage course deadlines and compliance settings. So, we’ve released two feature enhancements. We hope you love ‘em!

Setting Course Deadlines

Okay, this is as simple as it sounds. You can set course deadlines: Let’s go over each one. Specific date: Let’s say the go-live date for a new point of sale system is July 13. As part of the transition plan, you want to make sure all of your managers and frontline reps complete the training by July 11. Learners will easily see callouts letting them know if a deadline is approaching or overdue. Timespan: Your company invested in a great manager training program this year—kudos! Now, any time an employee receives a promotion to manager, he or she has three months to complete Leadership 101. This is the perfect scenario to set course deadlines based on a timespan. And don’t worry, your learners will receive email notifications letting them know a course deadline is approaching. Not bad, huh?

  • based on a specific date
  • based on a timespan

Setting Compliance

Continuing with the simplicity theme, you now get to choose how long a learner remains compliant after completing required training – either forever, or a custom time span of years, weeks, or days. For example, say your employees are required to complete an annual course on information security. The compliance settings in Spoke allow you to create that recurring reminder to employees to retake the course and renew their certification. In the screenshot below, you’ll see how course deadlines (courses marked Due Soon and Overdue) and compliance reminders (courses marked Expired and Retake Soon) appear to learners in a course pack.

Speak Up

As always, we love getting user feedback and want to hear from you. If you’re a current Spoke user or admin, drop us a line or leave a comment below. If you’re not using Spoke yet and want to see it in action, contact our Spokes-people to set up a demo.

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