by N. Purcell | March 20, 2023 | 5 Min Read

Why you need an LMS to deliver training for new management


Managers and supervisors play an integral role in the success of any organization. They’re responsible for managing teams, setting goals, and making important decisions that can affect the careers of those they lead.

Training new managers should be an organizational priority, yet many managers feel unprepared to meet the needs and expectations of the modern workforce. A Gartner survey of global managers discovered that less than half (45%) felt prepared to develop the essential skills employees need today.

And it’s no wonder managers feel unprepared: 59% of managers who oversee one to two employees report having no training at all. So, where can companies deliver the best training for new managers? How can your organization successfully implement leadership training for new managers?

Read on to learn more about the importance of a new manager training program and the benefits of training new managers using today’s leading learning solutions.

The importance of new management training

New managers come from a variety of experiences. Some arrive fresh from roles directly related to their new position, while others may have just been promoted internally, having little to no management experience. Regardless of background, when new managers enter your organization, comprehensive training will help them adjust to their roles and become effective leaders.

Why is implementing a new manager training program so important?

  • Ensures consistency: When training for new management, managers learn about the organization's values, goals, and standard operating procedures while gaining foundational knowledge and skills, ensuring they’re all on the same page.
  • Increases productivity: Effective training for new managers can boost productivity by equipping them with skills to manage their teams, resolve conflicts, and delegate tasks effectively.
  • Develops tactical skills: The best training for new managers turns managers into tactical leaders. It teaches them how to focus on day-to-day activities that get the job done, such as project management, delivering feedback and coaching, and organizing and running meetings.
  • Reduces turnover: Managers play a critical role in retaining employees. When managers are trained to communicate effectively, recognize employee contributions, and create a positive work environment, employees are more likely to stay with the organization.
  • Improves employee morale: Effective new management training can increase employee morale, resulting in higher job satisfaction, better focus, and improved work performance.

Benefits of training new managers via an LMS

Companies can implement new management training via a learning management system (LMS). From customized learning modules to features such as gamification and personalized learner journeys, the right LMS makes gaining new skills collaborative, interesting, and fun.

Here are several benefits of delivering your new manager leadership training using an LMS.

1. Customizability

An LMS can be configured to meet the specific needs of a company's new manager training program. This can include incorporating company-specific policies and procedures, creating modules on specific leadership styles or communication strategies, or tailoring the training to meet the needs of specific departments or job roles. Companies can customize the training program to ensure that new managers receive the most relevant and impactful training possible.

2. Accessibility

Since an LMS is a digital tool, new managers can access training materials from anywhere, at any time, and on any device. This flexibility can be especially beneficial for remote or distributed teams, as it allows managers to complete their training without the need for travel or in-person meetings. By allowing managers to learn when it’s convenient for them, companies can ensure that each individual has enough time to understand and absorb the training materials fully.

3. Measurement

Another benefit of an LMS is that it can provide detailed analytics on how each manager is progressing through their training. This can include data on completion rates, test scores, and time spent on each module. By tracking this data, companies can identify areas where managers may need additional support or training and areas where the training program may need improvement. This can help companies continually refine and improve their new manager training program.

4. Scalability

Learning management systems can easily scale to accommodate a growing number of new managers without requiring additional resources. This can be especially important for companies that are experiencing rapid growth or expansion. With an LMS, companies can add new managers to the training program without needing to schedule in-person training sessions or create new training materials.

5. Cost savings

An LMS is a long-term investment that pays for itself over time, as it eliminates the need for expensive in-person training sessions and materials. By providing online training materials, companies can reduce travel, lodging, instructors, and printing costs. Additionally, an LMS can help to minimize the time and resources needed to manage and administer the training program, which can result in significant cost savings.

Train your managers to be tactile leaders with Spoke®

Knowing how to train managers to be leaders should be a priority for any company that wants to stay competitive. An LMS like Spoke® can help prepare managers by providing tools and resources for better learning outcomes. And when paired with a custom management and leadership training program, Spoke® can create a thriving learning environment for managers.

At Unboxed Training & Technology, Spoke® is a custom LMS that helps organizations train new managers to become tactile leaders. Our solutions provide a comprehensive suite of features that enable L&D leaders to tailor training programs to meet individual and organizational needs. Being fully customizable, our LMS helps create an engaging and practical learning experience.

Schedule a demo of Spoke® to learn how Unboxed can help you offer the best training for new managers.

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