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Custom Online Employee Training: What It Is and How to Do It

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Are you providing your employees with the unique training they need to succeed in their roles?

Are your training programs flexible and able to change as new skills become necessary?

Have you been searching for a way to deliver online training content?

Onboarding, sales, leadership, systems, products, customer service, etc., all require employee training. And not just any training, but job-related training.

Online employee training provides valuable, engaging content that empowers employees and keeps them around longer. Custom online training for employees is the gold standard for any organization that wants to get ahead and stay ahead as digital workplaces evolve.

Online training tools allow you to remotely train employees and deliver relevant, useful, and interactive employee training.

Are you ready to learn about the best employee training software?

Sit down and buckle up. This blog discusses the importance of custom employee training and online training software for businesses that you can swipe today.

Why Is Custom Online Employee Training Important?

Right off the bat, we want to say that online or in-person employee training is vital for every organization. If you’re not already training your employees, there’s no better time than now.

Given the nature of our increasingly remote workforce, let’s look at custom online employee training and why you need it.

The two most important words to recognize in a phrase like “custom online training for employees” are the first two: custom and online.

Let’s break it down.

Custom Training

Custom training allows you to pick a team in your organization, pinpoint the skills they need, and provide them with role-specific training. Your sales team training needs will be different than what your customer service team needs.

Effective teams need specialized training. Custom training enables you to deliver on-brand training to every team member in your organization specific to their unique roles.

Online Training

The online component is essential for two reasons: training availability and progress tracking.

An online employee training platform allows employees to learn at any time and from any location. Remote accessibility is essential in our new work-from-home (or other non-office location) environment.

Second, an online employee training system gives you the power to track employee progress and performance by evaluating training effectiveness. If you want to calculate an accurate ROI, you need to track your employee training using an LMS.

When brought together, a custom training program delivered through an online platform is a powerful business tool. Custom online training equips your employees with the learning they need, and well-trained, productive employees support business goals.

How is this business-changing employee training delivered? We’re glad you asked.

An LMS: Your Tool for Delivering Online Employee Training

We know what you’re thinking, “How do I practically provide my employees with online training?”

It’s not enough to know that custom online training is important; you need to know how to make it a reality at work.

One of the best online training tools is a training and development platform called a learning management system (LMS). In short, an LMS houses and delivers all of your custom training content online for employees, but its features make it way more than a simple content hub.

When you implement an LMS, here are some things you can expect:

  • Better employee performance
  • Higher knowledge retention
  • Customizable training content
  • Real-time tracking and reporting
  • Mobile accessibility
  • Interactive and engaging content

Like any business tool, an LMS is an investment. But you don’t want to waste your budget, so it’s best to do your research (like you’re doing now). Download our free LMS Buyer’s Guide to assist you in your search for the right solution:

→ [Download] Free LMS Requirements Checklist ←

The Power of an LMS: Interactive Online Employee Training

One of the top benefits of a customizable online platform is providing your employees with interactive and engaging training content that they remember.

If you asked employees which training format they’d rather sit through: a PowerPoint presentation or a game, which do you think they’d choose? Which one would you choose?

Take a non-traditional training approach when you can and engage learners using interactive activities. Online training software for businesses offers multiple learning modalities you can choose from to deliver content in the new normal of virtual work. Custom online training gives you the power to incorporate these various learning modalities to improve learner engagement rates.

Below we’ve listed some of our favorite corporate training tools to include in a custom training employee program.

1. Gamification

Looking for a way to make training more fun? Gamification allows you to take team-specific training content and make learning feel like playing.

Gamified training content is highly effective for more than one reason:

  • Engages employees
  • Provides social and competitive elements
  • Heightens attention
  • Sustains focus
  • Drives action

Transforming training content into games can bring renewed excitement into your employee training experience.

2. Micro-learning Videos

Did you know that 75% of employees are more likely to watch a video than read text?

It’s hard to escape the need to use videos in an online training program. However, just like people don’t want to read long pages of text, they also don’t want to watch long videos.

Enter: micro-learning videos.

Micro-learning (or micro-training) videos use a mix of live-action, animation, and screencast tutorials to grab attention. The most significant benefit of microlearning is how short they are: 5-minutes or less. Meaning, each training video is highly concentrated on one objective, helping employees focus and retain the information.

If you’re interested in learning more about creating impactful video content, we have another free piece of content that may spark your interest!

→ [Download] Free Training Video Production Guide ←

3. Virtual Instructor-led Training (VILT)

Even though remote training and learning are becoming the norm, there’s still a valuable place for more personal, face-to-face training.

With custom VILT, you can reap all the benefits of classroom training while connecting with employees from any part of the world. It’s the perfect online training tool for anyone looking to add a more personal training touch in a remote environment.

Similar to in-person training, VILT promotes:

  • Interactive group discussion
  • Real-time learning
  • Dynamic instructors

VILT will give your employees engaging, interactive, and practical training while providing a personal connection between employees and the instructors.

How to Get an Online Employee Training System

Want to pick and choose what your employees are learning?

Request a demo of our custom employee training and start delivering engaging online training tailored specifically for your organization.

Looking for a way to train your employees remotely and track their progress? 

Invest in an LMS training and development platform to efficiently deliver your custom training.

Need to increase employee training engagement and interaction? 

Fill your custom online training with games, micro-learning videos, and VILTs.

Still unsure of how to provide your employees with a valuable custom online training experience?

We got you.

At Unboxed Training & Technology, we captivate today’s learners with compelling content and technology that supports instead of drains its users.

Ready to deliver a one-of-a-kind online learning experience for your employees? Request a demo of our employee training programs today.

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