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Best Learning Management Systems in 2024


It's 2024 & your organization must prioritize employee development using the best LMS for corporate training possible. If employees are an organization’s most valuable asset, imagine the possibilities that can be unlocked with a team of well-trained and highly loyal employees who are bringing their best to work every day.

In fact, development is considered one of the top five assets employees need to succeed in the workplace and remain loyal to their company.

However, a simple Google search for the best corporate LMS in 2024 can result in an overwhelming number of options to choose from. How do you figure out which is the best corporate training software for your workplace? Read on to learn about the key features and benefits of a corporate LMS system and how you can find the best LMS for corporate training in 2024.

What’s an LMS for corporate training?

LMS stands forlearning management system. It’s a digital platform that allows you to house curated employee training content, track user progress, and provide quality feedback. A modern corporate LMS system allows you to effectively train employees at scale across your organization regardless of an employee’s geographic location.

An LMS is just as relevant in a corporate setting as it is in an educational one. Learning management systems for business help you train your teams in the skills that best support your company’s goals. They ensure that training can happen on a continuous basis, content is easily accessible, and your team has what they need to succeed.

Now that you know the basics of a corporate learning management software, let’s go a little deeper into how an LMS for corporate training benefits your employees and your company.

Benefits of learning management systems for businesses

An employee who’s not only encouraged to grow, but given the tools and upskilling necessary to rise to the challenge is an engaged and productive employee. There are many reasons why quality training is important to a company. As a leader, you have the opportunity to create a workplace where lifelong learning is the norm. And when employees are continuously developing their professional skill set, your organization stands to benefit tremendously.

Employees experience a variety of benefits from corporate training software programs. When employees know their leadership values their development by providing training opportunities, they demonstrate:

  • Positive feelings and loyalty towards the company
  • Improved capacity to take on new responsibilities
  • Ability to work autonomously and support teammates

And these benefits to your individual employees mean gains for your company as well. Employee training benefits your company through:

  • Reductions in employee turnover
  • Boosts in morale company-wide
  • Increases in work output’s efficiency and consistency

Providing employees with learning opportunities may have once felt like an added bonus, however, job candidates today are seeking opportunities where they know they’ll be challenged to grow. According to LinkedIn, 68% of employees say training and development is the company’s most important policy.

How do I choose the best corporate LMS for my company?

Though online learning isn’t a new concept, the options for corporate learning management software have exploded in the past few years – fueled by the COVID-19 pandemic. In fact, this $315 billion industry is expected to continue to grow at 20% compound annual growth rate over the next six years.

Online learning is becoming more and more prevalent, and the bar for high-quality, engaging content is high. So, with all of the options available, how do you know which is the best corporate training platform?

Here are some of the key features you’ll want to look for in the best LMS for companies:

  • Customizable content and learning paths so your employees get the most relevant content to their current role and level within the company.
  • Accessibility from any device in any location to support remote and hybrid work environments.
  • Real-time coaching that allows you to give immediate feedback to your team.
  • Learner analytics so you can track employee progress and make data-driven decisions on your training program.
  • Diverse learning options like microlearning, videos, and gamification to keep learning engaging.
  • Robust security to ensure your team’s data and information is protected.

There are certainly many more features and functions that an LMS can offer, but you’ll want to hang on to the list above to make sure your corporate training software has all the essentials. From there, you can start to build out your dream training program, one that’s tailor-made for your organization, taking your teams to the next level.

The Impact of AI on LMS Platforms in 2024

As we delve deeper into the digital age, Artificial Intelligence (AI) continues to redefine the landscape of Learning Management Systems (LMS) in 2024, offering unprecedented opportunities for personalized learning and efficiency in corporate training environments. The integration of AI into LMS platforms has revolutionized the way businesses approach learning and development, tailoring experiences that are more engaging, adaptive, and effective than ever before.

Personalized Learning Experiences

One of the most significant impacts of AI on LMS platforms is the ability to provide personalized learning experiences. AI algorithms analyze learner data in real-time, adapting the curriculum to meet individual needs, learning styles, and pace. This means that employees are no longer subjected to a one-size-fits-all approach; instead, they receive training that is specifically designed to fill their knowledge gaps and build on their strengths, making learning more effective and efficient.

Automated Content Curation and Generation

AI technology has made content curation and generation more sophisticated within LMS platforms. By analyzing current trends, job roles, and industry-specific needs, AI can recommend or even generate new training materials that are most relevant and up-to-date. This not only ensures that employees are learning the latest information but also significantly reduces the time and effort required to update training programs manually.

Enhanced Engagement through Gamification

The use of AI has also enhanced the gamification features within LMS platforms, making learning more interactive and enjoyable. AI-driven gamification elements adapt to the learner's performance, offering challenges that are neither too easy nor too hard, which helps in maintaining an optimal level of engagement. These gamified elements can include virtual rewards, leaderboards, and personalized feedback, all designed to motivate learners and encourage continuous improvement.

Predictive Analytics for Better Decision Making

AI-powered analytics provide deep insights into learning patterns, engagement levels, and the effectiveness of training modules. This data enables corporate trainers and management to make informed decisions about their training programs, identify areas for improvement, and predict future learning needs. By understanding these analytics, companies can tailor their LMS platforms to better serve their employees and align training more closely with organizational goals.

Real-time Feedback and Support

AI chatbots and virtual assistants within LMS platforms offer immediate feedback and support to learners, answering queries and providing assistance 24/7. This not only enhances the learning experience but also ensures that employees can progress through training modules without unnecessary delays, further increasing the efficiency of learning.

Get Spoke®: The best LMS for corporate training

Wading through the options to find the best corporate training platform may feel overwhelming. But, implementing the best LMS for corporate training needs to be on your list of must-haves, right along with your company’s day-to-day operational systems. Beyond building skills needed for employees to succeed in their roles, the best LMS for companies will:

  • Improve employee retention
  • Encourage employee engagement
  • Enhance efficiency and productivity
  • Increase employee morale

If you’re ready to keep your current employees engaged and learning, while also catching the attention of job seekers looking for their next great opportunity, Unboxed is here to help. Download our free step-by-step guide to uncover your unique needs and choose the best corporate LMS for your organization.

Whether you’re a start-up or an established company looking to switch your LMS, Spoke® is the best corporate learning platform. Customize your content, maximize your team’s potential, and reach your company’s goals today. Request a demo to learn more.

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