Sales Training Software

A social platform for sales collaboration, sharing knowledge, and best practices.

HUB360-Sales Training Delivery Platform

Organize and deliver on-demand sales training to your reps in the same tool they sell from.

HUB360 gives reps access to valuable training without taking them out of the field for long periods of time.

Empower Reps To Learn From One Another

Let your reps connect and learn from each other in a safe, searchable environment.

HUB360 Community lets reps ask questions, share expertise, practice their perfect pitch, and get feedback from others.

Keep Reps In The Know

Give reps the valuable information they need without adding to their overcrowded inboxes.

HUB360 News lets you announce new training, timely promotions, and sales-specific updates to keep reps up-to-date.

Fuel A Little Friendly Competition

Appeal to your reps competitive side and motivate them to do more.

HUB360’s gamification engine lets reps earn coins, unlock badges, level up, and climb the leaderboard for completing training and helping others. They can even redeem their coins for real-world incentives.

"[HUB360] has led to increased performance for every team member. They connect with each other in the Community and tell me they can't wait for more training to earn more coins!"

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