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Employee onboarding - Learning Management System (LMS)

Engage employees from day one.

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Improve the new hire experience with an LMS for onboarding.

Take the bore out of onboarding with Spoke®—an LMS for employee onboarding and training. Spoke® is designed to enhance the new hire journey, ensuring employees feel welcomed, informed, and empowered from day one.


Integrate Seamlessly

Integrate our LMS for employee onboarding and training with your existing HR systems, creating a cohesive experience for both your HR team and new employees.

Streamline the Process

Automate and streamline onboarding in new hire training software to make the process more efficient and organized.

Increase Engagement

Engage new hires with compelling content (e.g., videos, quizzes, gamification) to facilitate better knowledge retention.

Promote Consistency

With an onboarding LMS, training and messaging maintain uniform, creating a consistent experience for new employees joining the company.

Monitor Progress

Monitor employee progress during the onboarding process to identify potential issues or knowledge gaps and take corrective action as needed.

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Maintain Compliance

Maintain compliance by providing a centralized repository for necessary training materials and sensitive onboarding documentation.

Enable Scalability

Easily onboard large numbers of new hires or expand the training program to additional departments or locations.

Onboard From Anywhere

Deliver the same quality training and onboarding experience to remote employees as their in-office counterparts.

Save Resources

Reduce the need for printed materials, in-person training, and other resource-intensive methods, ultimately saving on overall onboarding costs.

Keep Learning

Support ongoing L&D beyond the initial onboarding phase, ensuring employees continue to grow and acquire new skills throughout their careers.

Training teams trust Unboxed.

Features that make learning a breeze.

Tailor-Made Training

Create personalized, skill-based learner journeys that combine proven micro-learning methods with an engaging milestone map to track progress.

Continuous Coaching

Drive better coaching experiences by setting a baseline for employee onboarding, skill development, and proficiencies relative to each employee’s role.

Learn Together

Spoke®'s social and collaborative features make it easy to build a community and share knowledge—because learning's better with friends.

Simple Design

Fed up with complicated onboarding learning management systems nobody uses? Spoke® keeps it simple, so employees at all levels can find their way around with ease.

Make It Yours

Put your own stamp on Spoke® by tweaking the branding, content, and more. It's like the shape-shifter of onboarding software for new employees.

Rock-Solid Security

Rest easy knowing your data's safe and sound within our GDPR-compliant, cloud-based employee onboarding training software powered by Microsoft and Amazon.