by D. Romero | Jan. 3, 2017 | 7 Min Read

Spoke® Updates: Spotlight Widget, Resource Page Redesign, & New Badges


Spoke® differentiates itself with a beautiful user interface (UI) other learning management systems can't touch. With the latest Spoke release, the UI gets even better (wait 'til you see the Spotlight Widget!) and drives increased engagement. Plus, learners can earn new badges.

Spotlight Widget

If you're on a platform like Facebook or Instagram, you're used to a highly visual experience that constantlydelivers new content. TheSpokeSpotlight Widgetdrives learner excitement with a similar mindset--that people love imagery, and they appreciate highlights and reminders relevant to them. Spotlight features event-based training such as webinars to break up the monotony of compliance-driven coursework. Spoke admins and sales leaders can alsouse it to focus attention on time-bound resources such pricing sheets for sale events and competitive specials.

The Spotlight Widget is fully configurable by Spoke admins. If the admin doesn’t populate the widget, it simply doesn’t appear. (But based on user testing, admins will love having this in their engagement arsenal!) Additionally, learners will only see the featured courses and resources that apply to them.

Resource Page Redesign

The Spoke Resources page is extremely popular with learners and admins--so popular that over time it became difficult to find the right resource amongst all the categories that had been added to the left-hand navigation. We didn't want our users to have to scroll so much! So, Resources categories (and subcategories) are now across the top, and just like courses, learners only see featured resources that apply to them.

But wait, there's more. The Admin Portal now generates an auto-thumbnail for uploaded documents, making it easier forSpoke admins to deliver that highly visual experience learners love. An enhanced Resources home page makes it easier to navigate large amounts of content, and a Resources widget appears on the user dashboard for easy access.

New Badges

The Spoke team is dedicated to making sure the learning experience always feels fresh and exciting for users. In an effort to up the engagement and reward performance, we've introduced a few new badges. Leaners can now earn badges for completing courses, viewing resources or logging in for five consecutive days (here's the Perfect Attendance badge).

Be Heard

We prioritize Spoke enhancements based on your user feedback. Do you have something you’d love to see? Tell us what’s on your wish list! If you’re not currently using Spoke and want to learn more, we’d love to give you the grand tour.

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