by D. Romero | Feb. 11, 2016 | 7 Min Read

Spoke Named A Top 10 Learning Management System in 2016

The team is excited to announce Spoke® was named as a top 10 learning management system for 2016 in eLearning 24/7’s annual Top 50 LMS report. Of the 690 systems reviewed, Spoke ranked #10 overall (up from #29 in 2015), #3 in the social LMS category (up two spots from 2015), and debuted at #2 in the gamification LMS category.

eLearning 24/7 is a consulting firm run by industry influencer Craig Weiss. In the LMS rankings report, Craig evaluates vendors based on criteria like usability (for both learners and admins), security, support and service, and how “feature-forward” the learning management system is.

"Gamification. Social. Courses. It offers a fun UI.The admin side is solid—more streamlined than anything else.” –Craig Weiss, eLearning 24/7

"Spoke is really a brilliant representation of the collective genius of our team, from a simple, intuitive UI to enterprise-level software engineering,” says Dave Romero, our chief product officer. “It strikes the perfect balance of technology and human-centered design to create a learning experience people love." “It's exciting to be recognized in the market but we're not stopping to smell the roses,” says Tyler Longest, our product manager for Spoke. “Effective training is crucial for organizations to be successful and we can't afford to stagnate. We maintain a sense of urgency and aim to continuously improve the platform. We partner with our clients and challenge ourselves to identify and solve problems so that we can deliver more value week over week. We've learned a lot over the past couple of years and have big plans for 2016.” Want to see what makes Spoke atop 10 learning management system? Contact our Spokes-people to schedule a demo!

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