by D. Romero | June 29, 2015 | 7 Min Read

Animation “Insures” Consumers See Value of Travel Insurance

Allianz Global Assistance needed a tool to help its partners educate consumers about the benefits of travel insurance, without being scary. They did just that with an animation—and earned industry recognition for their new video, too.
Allianz Global Assistance Animation


Allianz Global Assistance is a travel insurance and assistance provider, covering more than 13 million people every year. They offer travel insurance, corporate assistance, concierge services, and other products and services for both leisure and business travelers.


Allianz Global Assistance has established itself as a forward-thinking organization. “Agents expect us to lead the market with new tools to help them sell more travel insurance,” said the Director of Retail Channel Management. In this case, Allianz Global Assistance wanted a new, out-of-the-box solution that would (a) demonstrate the value of trip insurance—without being scary—and (b) support a wide range of travel agency partners. Explained the Director of Retail Management, “Our retail channel of business consists primarily of several thousand travel agencies that range in size from $200 million in travel sales to small individual agents booking a few cruises a year. With such a broad spectrum of agency partners, we must work hard to reach all of them with compelling information that helps them communicate the value of travel insurance to their customers.”


We were excited when Allianz Global Assistance approached us about this project. We relished the challenge of framing up a potentially scary or uncomfortable topic in a fun, engaging way. We recommended an animation as a highly engaging, non-threatening, and flexible communication tool. Describing the partnership, the Director of Retail Management shared, “While we provided a lot of input, Unboxed worked hard to keep the project on time, the qualify of the work at a high level, and kept our budget on track. I never had to track them down for updates. And I never needed to worry that the project strayed in an unintended direction.”


The animation educates consumers without scaring them. Said the Director of Retail Management, “We love that the animation is one degree separated from reality. When you sell travel insurance, you must walk a fine line of explaining the benefits of insuring a trip versus possibly scaring a traveler into not taking their trip for fear something might happen. When consumers view the ‘cartoon,’ it allows them to feel separated from the incidents shown on screen. Unboxed did a very nice job of presenting some very common situations without making them seem scary.”


Unboxed has an incredible understanding of training needs and how to best execute them.
“The video has been well received by our agent partners,” said the Director of Retail Channel Management. Plus, Allianz Global Assistance won a Gold Magellan Award from Travel Weekly, a leading trade publication and influencer in the travel industry. “Unboxed has an incredible understanding of training needs and how to best execute them. They can access a number of resources to ensure the project gets completed as the customer wishes. They are great to work with and I never have to worry about a project not being completed on time, on budget, and as expected,” the Director of Retail Channel Management said.
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