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How to Choose the Best Sales Training Enablement Tool

Team members learning the value of sales enablement training

The importance of sales enablement is gaining momentum in the professional realm, and employers are looking for ways to incorporate it into their companies. Over 292,000 people on LinkedIn include the term "sales enablement" in their profiles, a corporate keyword gaining steady traction.

Are you interested in learning more about sales enablement tools and how they benefit your business? Read on to learn everything you need to know about sales training and technology to enable your sales team today.

What Is Sales Enablement?

Let's begin with a clear sales enablement definition. Understanding the basics of enablement provides answers to questions like, "what does sales enablement do?”

Sales enablement is the process of equipping your sales team with all of the training, tools, and resources they need to convert more leads and close more deals.

A great way to enable your sales team is by housing your company’s best practices for sales and training content within a mobile sales training hub.

Sales Enablement vs Sales Operations

You might be wondering, “what’s the difference between sales enablement vs sales operations?”

Sales operations support a sales team’s daily progress and processes. In contrast, sales enablement empowers marketing and sales teams with the best tools and training to improve current practices and reach future sales goals.

Key Differences of Sales Operations and Enablement

  • “Sales operations” is a tactical position that helps a sales team run efficiently to support broader business objectives.
  • “Sales enablement” strengthens the competencies of both marketing and sales teams to reach sales-specific goals.
  • The “operations” side of sales handles task management, sales technology, and reporting, while “enablement” focuses on resourcing, training, and coaching sales reps to improve performance.

What Is Sales Enablement Software?

Now, let’s define sales enablement software.

Sales enablement software brings products and services to life with interactive demos, makes content more accessible, centralizes training material, and provides managers with valuable team insights.

When you implement the right sales software, it can streamline your sales training practices to yield trackable sales enablement ROI.

Best of all, sales reps can quickly access training materials on-the-go to improve their sales skills and deliver the perfect pitch using a mobile sales hub.

The Benefits of Sales Enablement Software

Incorporating strategic software that enables your sales team to be more efficient, on and off sales calls, can provide long term benefits. Let’s review the advantages of a sales enablement tool.

Synchronize and streamline sales systems

An efficient sales enablement system aligns sales management, marketing, and training. The right tool saves salespeople valuable time by integrating with current workflows and increasing efficiency. Your team will have immediate access to the information they need all in one place to be more knowledgeable and prepared on sales calls.

Centralized content and boost confidence

Sales enablement technology ensures that salespeople have the right resources at their fingertips for each stage of the customer journey. A central hub prevents a sales rep from frantically searching to find a piece of specific information during a sales call. In turn, sales reps are likely to feel more confident when communicating with or pitching a potential client.

Support sales teams with ongoing sales training

Ongoing sales training is crucial to developing stronger sales tactics, understanding how marketing supports sales, and forming better communicators. Sales enablement software also makes it easier for sales managers to identify knowledge gaps and train better sales reps.

Assess and analyze content usage and user engagement

Evaluating data is essential to improve your sales process. Real-time assessments help sales managers discover which pieces of content are most active and how training impacts employee performance. These key insights also help the marketing team plan for more effective content marketing initiatives in the future.

How to Choose the Best Sales Enablement Software

Being a salesperson is one of the country’s most popular jobs, so ensure your growing sales team is getting the most value out of your technology investment. If you’re looking for the best sales enablement software, ask the following questions when you reach out to a corporate training company about its tool.

Is the platform easy to use?

First of all, the software you purchase needs to be straightforward and easy to navigate. If the platform comes with so many bells and whistles that sales reps can’t access the information they need quickly, it’s a wasted investment. Everything has a learning curve, but salespeople shouldn't spend hours searching for the content they need.

Always request a demo to get a feel for the platform first, and, if possible, have a few different team members test it out for usability.

Does the software have a robust analytics feature?

The right software will provide robust analytics to help sales managers evaluate and better coach sales team members. The tool should assess relevant data points that enable your sales and marketing teams to improve over time. Ask about the KPIs that the sales enablement tool measures and ensure it aligns with your business goals.

What other apps and software, if any, integrates with the platform?

Find out if the sales platform integrates with any of your existing software, or could potentially replace some of them. The more integration your technology has, the easier it will be for sales reps to efficiently do their jobs. On average, employees spend almost two hours searching for the information they need during the workday. Gain back efficiency with integration.

Does the platform provide on-demand training?

Every effective sales team needs training, practice, and reinforcement. Before investing in a sales enablement tool, make sure it provides personalized training that identifies knowledge gaps using AI. Every employee will excel and struggle in different areas. The platform you choose should empower individual sales reps to turn weaknesses into growth opportunities and capitalize on strengths.

Support Your Sales Goals with Hub360: Sales Enablement Software

Are you ready to find the best sales enablement tool for your business?

A powerful sales enablement software develops a more effective sales team and, as a result, can boost your bottom line.

During your search for the right platform, request a demo of Hub360: an all-in-one sales enablement system. Learn how a central sales hub can significantly benefit your sales team through meaningful analytics and training.

Contact our team to learn more about Hub360 and discover how you can maximize each salesperson’s effectiveness to support year-end goals.

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