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What Are the Benefits of Custom Onboarding Training?

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Does your company have an onboarding training program or just a paper-pushing hiring process? Fifty-eight percent of organizations say their onboarding process primarily revolves around paperwork. Does this sound familiar?

Implementing a comprehensive onboarding program for new employees is essential for employee retention and company growth. Read on to learn more about the benefits of custom onboarding training and how to rate your own onboarding program.  


Why Does Onboarding Matter?

Every organization, no matter its size, needs to make onboarding new hires a priority. When onboarding is effective, a new hire can easily transition into their role and feel more capable of doing their job well. If not, onboarding is just another time-waster for a seat warmer.

A great employee onboarding program can help your company:

If you're looking to increase profitability and make your company a better place to work, it's time to take a closer look at how you onboard new employees.

The Benefits of Custom Corporate Employee Onboarding Training

The onboarding journey new hires experience is a crucial first impression of your company. Onboarding is more than just having a process in place. The way you onboard new employees, in particular, matters a great deal.

Generic onboarding accomplishes the generic results (if any). A better option is to invest in a custom onboarding training platform, ensuring new hires receive the right instructions before day one.

A customized onboarding program is designed to help new employees learn about their new roles and assimilate into the company culture. Custom onboarding training also helps your company measure the effectiveness of new employee onboarding.

When you choose to implement personalized onboarding training, you and your employees can experience the benefits.  

1. Increase Effectiveness

Studies have shown that effective onboarding programs reduce time to productivity, improve performance, increase retention, and create stronger workplace relationships. With a customized training platform, you can ensure that new employees receive the information that matters most in a form that's easy to retain, and not overwhelming.  

2. Mobile-Friendly Learning

The best custom onboarding training provides flexibility to the learner. A mobile onboarding platform allows users to access training material on a variety of devices. Whether new hires are training from home or not, they can access training materials on the go. In the new normal of virtual training, a well-designed custom onboarding program helps employees train and retain information without physically being in the office.  

3. Higher Engagement

New employee onboarding doesn’t have to be a painfully boring task. Maximizing employee engagement is about more than just the content—it’s about how the content is delivered. A healthy mix of content modalities can help increase retention by up to 60%. When onboarding is fun, engaging, and valuable, new hires will walk away equipped for their jobs.  

4. Faster Productivity

The goal of onboarding is to get employees productive ASAP. The longer onboarding takes the more money that new hire costs. A custom onboarding program can fast-track the productivity of new employees by streamlining the content delivery process. Employees can learn the content they need to know upfront, then test their knowledge with assessments as they jump into role-specific training.  

5. Increase Efficiency

Onboarding empowers employees with the knowledge they need to do their jobs better, sooner. You don’t want to encourage hand-holding new hires, which prevents them from getting started. But, you also don’t want the newbie rushing into the field and giving your company a bad reputation.

Onboarding minimizes the number of questions new employees need to ask, which increases team efficiency. Instead of a rockstar teammate taking time out of their day to train the new hire, an onboarding program provides a clear roadmap for them to follow.  

6. We Design it; You Own it

“Custom” means the onboarding program is designed specifically for your company and employees. The best part? Once we develop your custom onboarding training program, you retain full ownership of the deliverable—no recurring licensing fees. After you invest, you receive all of the returns.

Elements of an Effective Onboarding Program for New Employees

Onboarding should extend through a new employee’s first 90-days, not just their first week. It takes a while for people to transition into their new roles and get up to speed.

Did you know that 1 in 5 new hires would not recommend their employer? Don’t be the bad guy. Make sure you allow new hires to provide feedback on their onboarding experience. They should be able to let higher-ups know what they liked, what was helpful, and what they think could be improved for future new employees.

Learn the essential elements of a comprehensive onboarding program by downloading our checklist and rate your current training:

Download the Essential Onboarding Training Checklist

Improve Your New Hire Experience with a Custom Onboarding Program

Now that you know the benefits of custom onboarding training, are you ready to improve your company's hire experience? Let’s develop a custom onboarding program that works for your employees and provides long term benefits to your company.

Are you interested in a demo? See examples of onboarding training in action. Call our team today at (888) 723-9770 to learn more about building a custom employee onboarding training program. Ready. Set. Onboard.

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