by P. Ely | April 10, 2020 | 7 Min Read

Global Pharmaceutical Company Increases Retention with New Experiential Learning Training Platform


Custom training platform, custom training modules, and video sharing capabilities

A global pharmaceutical leader wanted to tackle organizational change head-on by revamping their training and training platform to cross-train sales employees and get them prepared for the field quickly and efficiently.


•  Completed thousands of courses by learners

•  Increased engagement and sustainment among leaders

•. Engaged sales team in experiential learning

The Unboxed team worked closely with this global pharmaceutical leader through creating content, taking the content through proper legal and medical reviews, and getting everything up and running quickly for their sales teams. The learning solutions created for each team were unique to the challenges those teams faced, and the results have been exceptional and widely adopted.

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Find out what Unboxed solutions resulted in a 99% engagement among sales professionals.

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