by L. Sanders | May 1, 2024 | 5 Min Read

Building a Foundation: DE&I in L&D


You may remember this quote from DreamWorks’ Shrek: “Onions have layers. Ogres have layers…you get it? We both have layers.” Well, the same can be said for incorporating Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DE&I) in your learning programs. This week we’ll break down those layers and explore how you can develop effective learning programs that support your organization’s culture and foster a sense of belonging among all employees.

In today's diverse work environment, integrating DE&I principles within Learning and Development (L&D) is crucial. It shows a commitment to recognizing and valuing the diverse perspectives and experiences that all employees bring to the table. By embedding DE&I principles into learning content and delivery, you can create a more inclusive, engaging, and effective learning experience that resonates with everyone.

Effective Strategies for Inclusive Learning

Understand Your Learners

  • Conduct needs assessments to capture diverse needs, including barriers like language preferences and accessibility, as well as cultural nuances that may affect how learning materials are received.

Develop Your Materials

  • Ensure materials reflect a broad spectrum of cultures and identities. Encourage learners to share their own stories, which enriches learning and makes content more relatable.

Implement with Inclusivity

  • Embrace diverse learning methods such as interactive modules and visual aids to accommodate different learning styles and needs.

Realizing the Unboxed Vision

Unboxed Training & Technology is ready to help you unpack these layers and drive your organization's cultural initiatives forward. Our consulting services can identify learner needs and develop a learning strategy that not only meets but exceeds them. Our Learning Experience team can help to bridge the gap between learning and application, with custom training content that not only educates but also empowers your workforce, creating a positive impact on daily workflows.

Are you ready to peel back the layers of your learning programs? Let's make your learning initiatives as inclusive and impactful as possible.

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