transforming your onboarding program –
marie kondo style

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6 Steps to Tidying up & Transforming your Onboarding Program – Marie Kondo Style

Does your onboarding training spark joy in your learners? If not, it’s time to thank your old program for its contributions and spend some time and attention on reworking your training to be more effective and enjoyable in 2020.

But why exactly does Onboarding matter so much? Organizations with a great onboarding program experience 62% greater new hire productivity, along with 82% greater new hire retention.

In this webinar, you’ll hear:

  • Effective strategies for managing the firehose of information to increase speed to competency
  • How to reduce the maintenance pain from your training team
  • Our most successful client onboarding program examples – one size doesn’t fit all!

Meet the Speakers

nikki arpino

Content Strategy Manager
Unboxed Training & Technology

Alex Rowsey

Senior Content Strategist
Unboxed Training & Technology

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