Modernize Your Training to Maximize Its Impact and Scalability

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Develop your workforce through digital training

According to a recent CEB (now Gartner) study, modern digital learners place the highest value on an effortless learning experience.

Recently, the Challenger Inc. team partnered with us to apply this insight to their learning portfolio to create additional scale and maximize business results. Challenger Inc. helps companies drive commercial transformation based on the proprietary methodology called Challenger™.

The partnership combined the expertise of both teams to:

  1. Deliver an effortless and ‘sticky’ learning experience
  2. Maximize business impact from learning investments
  3. Diversify content delivery modalities
  4. Modernize and refresh digital content

In the webinar we share strategies and practical advice for creating a personalized and effortless learning experience that drives behavior change.

Meet Your Presenters

  • Lauren Graves, Lead Learning Designer at Challenger, Inc.
  • Jim Coe, Content Strategy Manager at Unboxed

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