2021 Workplace Learning Trends: Evolving Your Learning Culture

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2021 Workplace Learning Trends: Evolving Your Learning Culture

More workers than ever have been forced to redirect or extend their skillsets and respond to challenges with more resilience, more adaptability, and more focus. Workplace learning has taken on new forms to meet the needs of highly dispersed teams working amid intense distraction and stress.

Even before 2020, deep underlying shifts were beginning to impact the way we view work and workplace learning. As we examined the learning trends moving into 2021, we homed in on the core shifts causing much of the transformation and opportunity in the workforce today. These shifts will impact learning approaches and strategy throughout 2021 and beyond.

During this webinar, Unboxed’s Chief Learning Officer, Lacy Thompson, and in-house neuroscientist, Dr. Savannah Benusa discuss workforce insights synthesized from in-depth industry research and expertise. They explore how these opportunities impact L&D teams and provide actionable steps on how to adapt, upskill, and evolve your learning culture to meet the new demands on your workforce.

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