2020 Training Trends: Dissecting Fad vs. Foundational

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2020 training trends: dissecting fad vs. foundational

At the start of every new year is a chance to revisit training goals and aspirations for the coming 12 months. Inevitably, you’ll have internal or external pressure to consider new technology or training methods – but how do you know what’s worth your investment?

In this webinar, we’ll highlight the top training trends for 2020 and provide actionable steps to implement them into your program in the coming year.

  • Top 4 training trends for 2020 that will be foundational to L&D
  • How to leverage an overlooked and underutilized tool that’s likely already in your toolkit
  • Actionable tips to help you tailor the trends for your team and company
  • Innovative ways we’ve seen companies put these 2020 trends into practice

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