Resource Content Library

Manage your training and sales resources in one mobile-friendly location.

HUB360-Mobile Training Library

Imagine your sales team having access to their presentations, demos and leave behind materials all in one place. Organized by audience and approval status, they will have the right resources for the right clients at the right time!

Know what's approved and where

Never lose track of which materials can be used with specific clients. Hub360 resource library eliminates the guess work.

Consistent messaging

Replicate your “A” reps with our interactive guides that help messaging stay on track and capture data along the way making your reps’ lives easier.

Streamlined follow-up

Have an interested client? Hub360 resource  library allows for approved materials to be sent immediately from the app to the client.

Ease of use

A recent study by Gartner shows the #1 feature that determines successful software adoption among sales teams is ease of use. Hub360 is a vision that is based on one premise, if we can make the sales process easy, repeatable, and actionable and house it all in one easy-to-access location, we will increase sales for our clients. And our results prove it.

Close Sales Faster

Having the correct documents on-hand and up-to-date at all times has a significant impact. Reps close deals faster and clients receive products in a timely fashion. Allowing for immediate sales processing with no delays has lead to greater sales and fewer mistakes.


Shorter sales process


Decrease in order errors

Easy to Administer, Easy to Use

Ensure Total Version Control

How often do you update your content, data, or recommendations and the sales team is still running with last year’s version? Hub360 keeps everyone current with one admin upload.

Manage Content and Data Integration

Sometimes, finding the right presentation or leave behind can be a time consuming task. When your resource library lives in the same place you make money, you’ll find keeping things organized is a snap.

Create an Audit Trail

See what gets used when and where with document delivery tracking right from the Hub360 Resource Library

Safeguard Against Non-Compliance

Organize materials by approval to eliminate mistakes that cause compliance headaches.

The Right Choice

Here at Unboxed we understand sales teams and the challenges you face. Let us get to know your teams and develop a custom solution that’s contextual for your industry.