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What’s the difference between sales training and enablement?

Sales training and enablement are two sides of the same coin. Sales enablement provides salespeople with resources, while sales training equips reps with the skills to leverage those resources effectively.

  • Sales Training

    Sales training is the continuous process of teaching salespeople essential skills and strategies to become more effective.

    • Product knowledge
    • Sales techniques
    • Objection handling
    • Closing strategies
  • Compare to:


  • Sales enablement

    Sales enablement equips salespeople with the resources and tools they need to convert more leads and close more deals.

    • Product demos
    • CRM software
    • Customer data
    • Infographics

Training teams trust Unboxed.

Sales enablement training programs upskill sales reps and turn managers into coaches.

To keep up with today’s consumers, sales reps need to have the right resources at the right time—sales enablement training programs to the rescue.

Sales enablement training courses build your reps’ competencies and equip managers to be better coaches. When salespeople and managers have the training and tools they need to perform their best, your whole sales team (and organization) will thrive.

  • Improve performance
  • Increase productivity
  • Boost revenue
  • Consistent messaging

How do you deliver sales enablement training? Sales enablement training software.

Sales enablement training software is the tool your sales team needs to stay competitive.

Meet Spoke®: a sales enablement training software that empowers your sales team to reach their full potential.

  • Centralizes content. Spoke® provides managers and sales reps with a centralized, accessible platform that houses all things related to sales.
  • Engages learners. Droning sales enablement workshops don’t cut it anymore. Spoke® modernizes training content with engaging micro-learning videos and gamification.
  • Personalizes sales enablement learning. Spoke® creates personalized learning paths that help reps fill in knowledge gaps, train on topics they’re interested in, and visually track their progress.
  • Promotes skill-building. Instead of teaching sales concepts, Spoke® gives reps the opportunity to practice and hone their skills.
  • Tracks learner progress. Spoke® gives managers the ability to measure trends, insights, and competency progression over time.

You don’t need to choose between coaching software and sales enablement training software—Spoke® does both. It’s a powerful online learning technology platform that provides:

  • Managers with AI-driven feedback to help them know where to focus and how to help their teams improve
  • Employees with a central hub that contains all the training, resources, and tools they need to sell smarter

Spoke® ensures that salespeople have the right resources at their fingertips for each stage of the customer journey. Make your sales team sales-ready today by introducing them to Spoke®.