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Gamified training makes employee learning fun.

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What to expect with gamification in corporate training.

Make training more than a task. Gamification of employee training and development turns learning into an interactive activity that increases employee engagement and productivity, making your organization more profitable.

  • 48%

    Increase in engagement that employees experience with training and development gamification.

  • 7x

    Profitability of companies that use corporate gamification compared to those that don’t.

  • 90%

    Employees that say gamification learning makes them more productive at work

Training Teams Trust In Unboxed.

How to gamify training so employees want to learn.

The gamification of employee training and development involves incorporating game elements and mechanics in non-gaming contexts to make the learning experience more enjoyable.

  1. Identify your objectives: We’ll identify what you want your learners to achieve and develop a gamification strategy that aligns with those objectives.
  2. Analyze your players: We'll understand your learners' preferences, motivations, and learning styles to develop a learning experience they’ll love.
  3. Choose the right game elements: We'll select the right game elements (e.g., points, leaderboards) that will motivate your learners and keep them engaged.
  4. Gamify training content: We’ll gamify existing training content or create custom gamified training content tailored to your learner’s needs and business goals.
  5. Align rewards with performance: We'll develop a reward system that motivates your learners to perform better and achieve their learning goals.

Of course, when you partner with Unboxed Training & Technology, you don’t need to know how to gamify training—that’s what we do.

Our gamification content development services involve creating custom training programs that use games to engage learners. With a 64% increase in knowledge retention from beginning to end, games make corporate training fun and effective at the same time.

Level up your Learning Platform (LMS) with games.

Whether you integrate gamification corporate training into your existing learning management system or take Spoke® for a spin, your employees will thank you.

  • Rich analytics and reporting

    With advanced reporting capabilities, managers can monitor progress and identify areas for improvement, giving employees instant insights into their performance.

  • Personalization and adaptivity

    Our gamified training programs adapt to each employee's learning style, preferences, and progress, offering personalized learning experiences that cater to individual needs.

  • Mobile compatibility

    Being mobile compatible, employees can access gamification training materials anytime, anywhere, fitting learning into their airtight schedules easily.