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Why 70% of change initiatives fail.

With 70% of change initiatives failing (McKinsey & Company), it’s time to consider how you can support your teams through times of transition.

  1. Resistance to change: Employees may resist change because they’re comfortable with the status quo, fear the unknown, or feel that their job security or workload may be affected.
  2. Lack of leadership buy-in: Change initiatives require strong leadership support to succeed. If leaders aren’t fully committed to the change, employees are less likely to be on board.
  3. Poor communication: Poor communication is the enemy of change. Without it, stakeholders won’t have the information they need to understand why things are changing.
  4. Inadequate training: If employees aren’t equipped with the training they need to embrace change, they’ll fail to adapt to the new way of doing things.
  5. Limited resources: Change initiatives often require significant resources (e.g., financial, human, technological). If these resources are insufficient, the initiative may fail.

Unrealistic expectations: Change initiatives may be unsuccessful if the organization sets unrealistic expectations for outcomes, timelines, or costs.

The power of change management online training.

Partner with the best eLearning content providers for change management to realize the benefits of preparing your teams for change with custom training.

  • 30%

    increase in success rates

    increase in success rates when leaders engaged in effective communication during change initiatives.

    Source: McKinsey & Company

  • 91%

    Organizational Priority

    of respondents believe that leadership development programs are important to their organization's success.

    Source: Center of Creative Leadership

Change Management: Measurable Benefits

  1. Reduce resistance to change: Uncertainty about the future can cause a lot of stress and resistance for employees. Change management training courses help employees understand why the change is necessary, increasing engagement and buy-in.
  2. Improve communication: When change is on the horizon: communicate, communicate, communicate. Change management online training reduces misunderstandings and friction by communicating the what, why, and how of your change initiative.
  3. Enhance leadership skills: The best change management training courses develop the skills leaders need to lead their teams through transitions successfully. Essential skills may include communication, collaboration, and problem-solving.
  4. Ensure successful implementation: Change management training helps leaders become change champions, increasing the likelihood that the changes will be adopted by employees and integrated into the organization's culture.

Empower your leaders with a custom change management training course.

Our custom change management online training prepares leaders, reduces resistance, and protects productivity.

We design content that supports industry leaders like Cummins and GSK in developing the necessary skills to lead change effectively.

Change management training will:

  • Create understanding around complex topics
  • Motivate and engage teams
  • Communicate a clear vision for changes
  • Manage risks and challenges during transitions

From introducing new software to full-on reorganizations, we can partner with you to make change management smooth and simple.

Face change with confidence by partnering with the best eLearning content providers for change management.

Our change management training courses can equip you with the tools and strategies you need to navigate any transition with ease. Take the first step towards success and request a demo today!