Even the most intuitive and user-friendly digital employee tools can’t generate sales or build relationships on their own. EngageMore knew the success of its app hinged upon employees using it the right way. So, as a first step, Unboxed worked closely with EngageMore and the YMCA staff to establish best practices for engaging with club members…and what not to do, too. The challenge was to then demonstrate both good and undesirable behaviors in a series of short, fun online training videos that wellness coaches could watch at their own pace. A short quiz after the videos would test their understanding and retention.

After EngageMore’s training launched, we caught up with co-founders Blake Carleton and Darrell Booker to get their thoughts on working with Unboxed.

EngageMore training video

Unboxed: Blake and Darrell, we know you’re crazy busy, so thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions. Can you tell me a little bit about EngageMore and why you started the company?

Darrell: Sure! EngageMore is an exciting new startup that uses the latest in technology to improve a member’s fitness experience by helping them achieve their goals. As a YMCA executive for many years, Blake saw a real need in the fitness industry to improve the relationships between members and the wellness staff. After pulling some pretty late nights in his basement, he devised a system around an online tool that dramatically improves the level of engagement between these two parties. EngageMore gives staff a way to know a member’s name and preferences, while helping them reach their goals and keep them coming back.

Unboxed: Hey, we started out in a basement, too! Great story. So, when you came to Unboxed, you had a specific challenge/business goal in mind. Tell us about that.

Blake: We had a unique challenge in that we have software that is very straightforward and easy to use, but there is also a human element that needs training. Screenshots or screencasts can easily show staff how to use the tool, but those didn’t train them on how or when to engage a member. We knew that in order to scale, we couldn’t keep sending trainers out to each location, so we were desperate to find a convenient, online solution. Training videos that could highlight how to use the system, but more importantly demonstrate the various ways to approach, interact, and communicate with a member was what we were looking for. Unboxed gave us exactly what we needed.

Unboxed: A lot of our customers have that same need: nationwide, cost-effective, on-demand training content. So, what do you like about the videos?

Darrell: We absolutely love the attention-grabbing aspects of the videos. Each one does an excellent job of getting our point across, and they often add a little humor to keep the viewer entertained. The actors and voice talent Unboxed helped us get were very genuine and did a great job of demonstrating common interactions and dialogues between members and the staff. The quality of the videos is exceptional too.

Unboxed: Having high-definition video production capabilities in-house is huge. I’ll pass the compliments on to the team! Speaking of, can you describe what it was like to work with the team at Unboxed?

Blake: The Unboxed team was absolutely great. They did an excellent job of meeting with us initially to get a true understanding of our product and what we were looking to create. The creative team did an unbelievable job of taking our rambled thoughts and ideas and creating various scenes to drive home all of our points. Filming day was just as impressive. Multiple camera angles, teleprompters, big lights, great actors and their fabulous direction and attention to detail gave it a real “movie” feel.

Unboxed: Thanks! We loved our shoot; you guys let us have fun on set! So, we know you liked the videos, but if you were to recommend Unboxed to another business, what else would you highlight?

Blake: Unboxed does a great job of making their client feel important. They treated a small startup like us with as much professionalism and respect as one could want. They set initial milestones and deadlines and finished on time or ahead of each one. They also made it a point to keep us involved throughout each step and gladly incorporated our on-the-fly ideas and changes.

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