Employee Software and System Training

Rolling out a new application or process doesn’t have to feel like a chore.

Measure Training Engagement and Effectiveness

With the right systems training in place, your team will master the tools they need to be successful in no time.

Start By Winning Them Over

Great systems training does more than simply show employees how to use a new system or tool. We recommended a quick hype video to get employees bought-in and explain how the new system benefits them, their customers, and the business overall.  

Our Systems Training Process

See. Try. Do. Our systems training follows blended learning best practices to engage all the ways in which we learn.

Show Them How To Use It

We walk learners through your systems step-by-step using screencasts, so they know how to use them correctly.

Let Them Try It

Learners then get a chance to try it on their own in a safe, simulated  environment. The self-paced activities let learners practice and learn by doing.

Measure Their Retention

When ready, learners complete a brief series of questions and tasks that measure their ability to use the system without prompts or support.

Keep Them Up To Date

We use bite-sized modules that double as great refresher training. Learners can reference previous lessons to remember how to complete specific tasks.

“We absolutely love the attention-grabbing aspects of [our training] videos. Each one does an excellent job of getting our point across, and they often add a little humor to keep the viewer entertained. They did a great job of demonstrating common interactions and dialogues.” Co-Founder

Engage More

See It In Action

Send us a short note to get more information and see examples of our systems training. Our team is standing by.