Reinforce Employee Training Through Maintenance Solutions

Just-in-time training reinforcement.

Maintain Employee Knowledge and Skill Sets

According to The Forgetting Curve, people forget a large majority of the new information they receive.


Within One Hour


Within 24 Hours


Within One Week

Increase Retention With Refresher Training

Say good-bye to boring refresher training.The perfect complement to your existing training initiatives, Unboxed Pitch and Huddles deliver just-in-time reinforcement training that’s impactful and fun.

unboxed Pitch

Boost knowledge with refresher training that sustains learning. 

Using interactive modules that allow learners to access the information they need in one click or tap. Robust reporting measures learner activity, so managers can provide guidance for growth.


In-person refresher training that drives retention

Using fast-paced, hands-on activities, facilitators lead Huddles to help employees review specific learning objectives, practice skills and behaviors, and get feedback on the spot.

Train Your Brain with Games

Studies show that games engage people with social and competitive elements that heighten attention, sustain focus, and drive action. Games produce results such as:

•   3x increase in training material interactions
•   64% improvement in knowledge from beginning to end of a game


Give learners valuable training and practice time with minimal disruption to their already busy work schedules.

Compelling & Clear

Fun, interactive games pull learners in while clear, concise language simplifies even the most complex concepts.


Mirror your learners’ real-world experiences so they know exactly how to apply their training to their day-to-day.


Easy to Facilitate

Equip your facilitators with Playbooks that provide step-by-step instructions to successfully prep for and run Huddles.

“Unboxed showed us some startling data about how much people learn from what they see. Based on this research, we produced an animated video that communicated the value of travel insurance to consumers—an industry first. The trade publication Travel Weekly awarded us a Gold Magellan Award for this innovative new video!”

Are your training delivery methods the most effective?

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